Cha-Ching or Show Me the Money

The Obama camp still needs your money.  Maybe you thought the $600 million he raised for for his campaign and election, buckets more than any candidate in history, was enough and you can finally put your check book away.

Not so fast.

The president-elect apparently needs mo’ money to ensure the agenda he promised will be enacted. is requesting its four million members continue to cough up between $15 and $100 per MONTH to let Washington know citizens are fed up with the corporate pressure that might stop the Obama health and welfare initiatives in their tracks. Hmmmmmm.

That’s a lot of money.  None of the cash receipts come with an explanation of the programs, any form of accounting or accountability.  Cha-Ching.

He needs more money to hire people to organize his followers.  AGAIN?

Don’t we live in a representative democracy where citizens communicate with their lower level state and federal representatives to make their wishes known?  So why is Obama doing an end run around congress  (which he controls) by appealing directly to “the people”?

Obama’s money grabs have destroyed the integrity  of the political system. CRASH.  He gave gazillions to media outlets for priceless coverage and their corporate sponsors loved him for it. BANG.  Cash hungry infotainment corporations will now decide the presidency.  SLAP.

Obama will never let go of his victimhood scam and the oceans of cash that come with it.


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