Al Sharpton Bashes Prop 8

Who knew? Evidently, the people in the pews. For years, Sharpton has been speaking out against church approved homophobia. Al Sharpton never ceases to amaze. Sometimes he amazes the wrong way but in this instance he’s taken a bold stand:
“Sharpton was the keynote speaker at the Human Rights Ecumenical Service held at Atlanta’s Tabernacle Baptist Church to welcome the Atlanta-based Alliance of Affirming Faith-Based Organizations, whose mission is to unite gay-friendly churches.”

Considering President-elect Obama’s controversial and provocative invitation to evangelical preacher Rick Warren to give the inaugural invocation, it was notable, but barely noticed, that some African-American churches are making an effort to combat the entrenched homophobia of institutionalized religion.


3 Responses to Al Sharpton Bashes Prop 8

  1. KerryLINY says:

    hi pumabear. good to see your blog. looking forward to the promised write up on COINTELPRO.

  2. KerryLINY says:

    sorry entered wrong email previously.

  3. patriotdems says:

    Hi KerryLINY –

    I have posted the COINTELPRO article. Thanks for reading.

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