A Quick Peek Behind World Net Daily

Lately, I’ve been scouring the Internet for political stories. I look for different voices because the MSM has been so lax and so partisan in covering any subject that detracts from their reporting agenda. Looking behind the curtain to see who owns what media has been an eye-opener.

I often see citations to World Net Daily, WND, as verification for facts used in articles or in comment sections of WEB reports. My confidence has been shaken in just about everything, so I thought I’d take a look at this Right Wing publication. Forgive me if you’ve known this forever:

Editor Joseph Farah and Western Journalism Center own WND. Many who’ve contributed financially to the publication are California based conservative activists. One exception to the California supporters is Robert Beale, Minnesota resident, whose $3 million home was seized for back taxes by Minnesota authorities. Beale founded the Minnesota Christian Coalition, associated with the Christian Coalition of America. His son is the columnist at WND, Vox Day. Another top board member is Wayne C. Johnson, long-time member of the Chalcedon Foundation.

The Chalcedon Foundation, a far-right group founded by R.J. Rushdoony advocating the idea of Christian reconstructionism — a philosophy that aims to remake the world from a biblical worldview. In this worldview, the mandate for Christians is not just to live right or to help their neighbors: They are called upon to take over or eliminate the institutions of secular government.

Another Board member is Abe Siemens.

A search of the Center for Responsive Politics’ Open Secrets political donor database reveals that Siemens has donated to numerous right-wing politicians and causes, including Howard Phillips, the U.S. Taxpayers Party, its successor the Constitution Party, Pat Buchanan, Ron Paul, Howard Kaloogian, and the Gary Bauer-led Campaign for Working Families. (Update 7/12/2008: Siemens is also longtime donor to the Media Research Center, listed as an “associate” in the MRC’s 2007 annual report.)

Read the whole story here:

The Chalcedon Foundation is interesting. Their web page covers subjects ranging from battling the influence of homosexuals to “states rights”.

Mother Jones, a Left wing publication discusses the aims of Reconstructionism.

Reconstruction’s main think tank—are Howard Ahmanson and Nelson Bunker Hunt, both of whose families played key roles in financing electronic voting machine manufacturer Election Systems & Software. Ahmanson is also a major sponsor of ultraconservative politicians, including California state legislator and 2003 gubernatorial candidate Tom McClintock.

and this

Besides facilitating evangelism, Reconstructionists believe, government should largely be limited to building and maintaining roads, enforcing land-use contracts, and ensuring just weights and measures. Unions would not exist, and neither would unemployment benefits, Social Security, and environmental protection laws. Public schools would disappear; one of the movement’s great successes has been promoting homeschooling programs and publishing texts used by tens of thousands of homeschooling families. And, perhaps most importantly, the state is “God’s minister,” as DeMar puts it in Liberty at Risk, “taking vengeance out on those who do evil.” A major task for the government key Reconstructionists envision is fielding armies for conquest in the name of Jesus.

Read the whole article here:

I’m pretty much done with believing everything I see in print. But some of what I see quoted as Truth just scares me.


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