Obama: America’s first Asian President

April 28, 2009
Obamadonna and child

Obamadonna and child

Barack Obama is Asian.

Whoa!!!! you say. WTF!?!? Who you zoomin? You know Obama’s Black.

OK. If he looks “black” he is black. Yeah, he can shoot a lay-up from the top of the key. And he’s got that thug thing goin’ on. It’s got to be the “ghetto” in him rising to the surface like sweet cream.

Barack's earliest ghetto memory

Barack's earliest ghetto memory

However modern science instructs us in the inevitability of the below equation:





Barack Jr

Barack Jr

Taking this equation into account, it is clear that Obama Jr. is not white. Nor is he “Black” per se. Although he is blacker than he is whiter. So even if one were to attribute ALL of his egotism, deceitfulness and other nasty attitudes (and they are legion) to his black genetic portion, mathematically, he should still be only 50% unbearable.

But Obama is still black you whine, enough to be our African-American hero. You’re right. Here are a few photos of a black family just like Barack’s. I won’t make you sit through all million of them like he did. Asshole.

Lena Horne

Lena Horne

Lena at home!

Lena at home!

Yikes! It's Jeanne Kirkpatrick! Ooops Wrong post!

Yikes! It's Jeanne Kirkpatrick!

Dorothy Dandridge

Dorothy Dandridge

Dorothy Dandridge

Dorothy Dandridge

Modern science also suggests nurture plays a strong role in the development of character and personality.

Parenting, environment, family and peer relationships are important in the development of a child. Even Satan didn’t start out bad.

Obama's happy family

Obama's happy family

Obama was born in Hawaii in 1961, two years after it became a state. The population in Hawaii was 75% Asian of various types and 25% white. African-Americans were as rare as hen’s teeth. When he was six years old he was swept off toIndonesia to live with his new Indonesian step-father. He attended Christian ummm or err maybe uh Muslim or, maybe, home school. Obama was a chubby kid and probably would have fit in better at P.S. 42, the Bronx, but he had to learn to make friends and get along. Ann took a lot of pictures with the Indonesians. That’s probably why Obama became so comfortable with them.

Barack at home with Lolo, mom and baby sister

Barack at home with Lolo, mom and baby sister

Mom in the village

Mom in the village

And he’s calm. Like a Buddhist. Or maybe Beelzebub.

See how calm he is!

See how calm he is!

He didn’t learn to be calm like that in a madras or even in Chicago.

Finally, he got back to the mainland where he could meet up with some homies.

B.O. with his ghetto homies

B.O. with his ghetto homies

He ran with a rough crowd, although it wasn’t really in his nature.

Obama with the other homies

Obama with the other homies

Look at those pects!!!

Glossy, big pects!

Glossy, big pects!

How glossy and puffy. I’ve never seen pects like those on a black man, or even a white man. He must be an Asian!


Do These Women “Smoke”? (h/t) Murphy

April 26, 2009

What do these women have in common? Success. Power. Republicanism.  Oh, and the admiration of Republican men.

They also have a certain facial expression – steely. Self confident. Something else I can’t quite put my finger on.  Superiority?  They look pretty serious – maybe stern is a better word.  They all have perfectly quaffed hair, don’t you think?

Let’s start with Jeanne Kirkpatrick.  Kirkpatrick had a long career.  Two terms in Reagan’s cabinet.  She was ambassador to the U.N. And on staff at the National Security Agency, etc. Lots of sub-cabinet appointments.

U.S. Ambassador to the U.N.

She’s famous for her “Kirkpatrick Doctrine,” which advocated U.S. support of anticommunist governments around the world, including authoritarian dictatorships, if they went along with Washington’s aims—believing they could be led into democracy by example. She wrote, “Traditional authoritarian governments are less repressive than revolutionary autocracies.”

Did she mean Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Congo, Chile, El Salvador,  and Guatemala?  They were great with human rights.  And no she’s not particularly attractive – but not so unattractive as to call her any animal names, or suggest she’s not feminine, she is, in a masculine sort of way.  But who’s to judge? She looks very patriotic.

There's Kirkpatrick in the middle

There’s Kirkpatrick in the middle.  All the men are smiling.  Is Jeanne?  I think I’ll call her a terrapin.

How about this woman?  phyllis_schlaflyWe all know who she is.  Does she fill the bill as a “smoker”?  President of the Eagle Forum.  Best known for supporting Barry Goldwater in 1964, accusing the Republican Liberals (are they all gone to the moon?) of manipulating the election in A Choice, Not an Echo. Her most important accomplishment was single-handedly (with a little operative assistance and a lot of lies) defeating the Equal Rights Amendment. She still makes lots of money on lecture tours working against (you said it) women’s equality and same-sex marriage.  Phyllis – I have to say booooooo to you because I’ve been sorry since the ERA went into the garbage.  But do you smoke?  Betty Friedan said she wanted to burn you at the stake.  I’ll bet you would have smoked then.

Phyllis, errr, Mrs. Shlafley, (she preferred being called Mrs.) is attractive.  She’s more traditionally feminine than Kirkpatrick.  She also had a wealthy husband and six children to prove it.  Did I say she was attractive?  Not so much, really, if you stare at her for a while and snarl.  Well, she’s certainly not ugly enough to call her by any animal names. Calling her an eagle might be tempting, but eagles are beautiful. I can’t even think of the animal she might be. She’s very patriotic, though. So let’s move on.

President-Eagle Forum
Phyllis Shlafley
Britain's prime minister

Britain's prime minister

Everybody knows this woman, too.  The Iron Lady, Margaret Thatcher.  Britain’s prime minister for a record three terms.  Famous either for her neo-conservatism or neo-liberalism (can’t remember),  but definitely for her Thatcherism.  Everyone knows she could kick butt.  She kicked a lot of British and Argentine Butt back in the eighties.  I’ll bet the Argentine military felt pretty bad losing the dictator and the Maldives all in the same decade.
Ronald Reagan loved her.  He had a particular attraction to women like her (see J. Kirkpatrick and P. Shlafley, above).  All those guys smiling in the picture thought she smoked, even the un-indicted co-conspiritors.
I think she is kind of attractive. No. Maybe.  Feminine?  Not really  -too scowlly.  Wears her clothes well, though.  Nice hairdo.  When she walked (walks?) she looked very purposeful and seemed to stare down the Argentine navy without flinching. She made me nervous.  Good thing she didn’t allow gays in the military.  They’d be way to squeamish to stare down those Argentines.
She seems patriotic.  I’m sure she was (is?) patriotic. I think I see a tiny Union Jack pinned to her lapel. I wouldn’t even dare to call her any rude animal names (cougar?, giraffe, gazelle) (that she doesn’t deserve, anyway) because she would bite my head off.  Yikes.

So on a smokin’ scale from 1-10.  How do you think they rate?  Let’s be generous and give ’em all a prize.

She Didn’t Wear A Burkha But…..Thoughts On Earth Day

April 22, 2009

I had been troubled for weeks by the graphic photograph of a burkha-clad woman beheaded by the Taliban.  The burkha bothered me.  Even in death the woman had no identity.  Strangely, to the spectators (all male) it was more indecent to uncover her head than to cut it off.  Whose rules?  I said f… the damn burkha.  F… the Taliban.   And then I saw this:

Tripla was just 17 when the man who bought her took her into a field and decapitated her with a sickle.  Her crime? Refusing to sleep with her owner’s brother, who cold not find a “wife”.  Her parents had sold her for 170 pounds.

India has nuclear weapons, a thriving business district in Mumbai, and (a shock to me) the highest number of labor slaves in the world. Most of them are women and girls (not so shocking) but…

From The Price of Being a Woman

Just 25 miles from the mall is a slave market for women.

Desirability is based on skin color, age and virginity…that is

if the purchase is for sex or resale.  If it’s for labor, anyone will do.  Labor slaves are 96% of total number of slaves although the sex-slaves are more profitable.  A single female may be resold many times, whenever a deal can be struck or a profit made.  Mummia was a great deal.

Mummia was considered particularly beautiful.  She was sold three times in just three weeks.


Girls are now so few in number in some areas there is no one for the men to  marry.  The desire for the financial benefit of sons and onerous dowry  requirements has resulted in the abortion of female fetuses.  Doctors use coded language and write their charts in red and blue ink to circumvent the laws against sex-select abortion.

Sometimes the women’s mothers-in-law demand the abortion of the female fetus.

No one involved in the trafficking and killing of women seems to connect the treatment of the female gender with the long-lasting social consequences of their acts.

So, what you say, does this have to do with Earth Day?


Because as it goes for women, so it goes for the ultimate female, for Gaia, for Mother Earth. Rape, exploitation, slavery, a lack of regard for the integrity and rights of another.  Anything that can bring a profit: strip mining, chemical dumping, depletion of the oceans, global warming, annihilation of species, war.  Whatever.  It’s all of a piece. strip-mining1

A new poll indicates the populous is less committed now to saving the planet than it was forty years ago. It was President Nixon that signed into being much of the environmental legislation such as the EPA, Toxic Control Act, Clean Water Act, that we now take for granted.  He did it because the people demanded it.  And it was also nearly forty years ago that the push for the Equal Rights Amendment seemed strong and headed for victory.  But the regressive movements fought back and we are at a standstill.  Economic matters now concern us most, our jobs, mortgages, childrens’ futures, the gigantic economic engine,so wizard-like,  really powered by greed and imagination.  Our fauxgressive new president talks the talk on women and the environment but so far he has done everything BUT walk the walk.

And yet….There is an awful portent in the destruction and extinction of women.

As the number of women born declines their utility and profitability in whorehouses, fields and factories has become more obvious.  We all want to be rich.

Villagers attacked the police who came to rescue the purchased brides.  Villagers enforce the women’s silence about their plight.

Women are shipped by container to brothels in New York.  The profits on the sale of female labor rivals that of guns and drugs.  sex-slave-dungeon-india1

They’re handed over by their husbands and families for a few rupees to the:

carpet sheds of Brohadi, as prostitutes and kitchen slaves in West Asia, the U.K., Korea. They’re sent to the Philippines for pornography.  If they are children they might be sent to Saudi Arabia as beggars.

And so it goes.  Cheap goods on the backs of female slaves.  Disposable everything because it’s all free for the taking.

So I’ve come full circle, back to the burkha-clad woman and her shameful head on the ground. It still troubles me.

The “Red” Dunhams of Washington State 1956

April 19, 2009

mercer-island-washington1956.  The year that the Dunham family, Stanley, Madelyn and Stanley Ann moved to Mercer Island, Washington State.

The official biographical sketch of the maternal family of Barack Obama has them uprooting from Texas or Oklahoma, moving to Washington, where Stanley could get a better salesman’s position in a better furniture store (yup), and StanleyAnn could enroll in a leftist high school.  The family moved because, we are told, the Dunhams were “red”, perhaps crypto-communists. It’s been said Stanley Ann was just an atheist, but in 1956 Godless atheism was as suspect as communism. Maybe more suspect.  Stanley Ann was 13 years old, already described by an unnamed source as a “fellow traveler”.  We’ve been told that Stanley Ann attended classes with highly influential, radical teachers where Marxism was discussed. The family attended the local Universalist Unitarian Church, aka “the little red church on the hill”.  Why this church was called “red” or why the Dunhams (strict Methodists) attended it, I don’t know.  However,  while the family remained in Washington for five years,  it is solely these anecdotal reports which link the Dunhams to any leftist organization, any leftist political group, labor union or feminist organization, let alone a communist group, not just then, but ever.  It seems utterly unbelievable to me that middle class parents would take on the expense of a cross country move just to enroll their 13 year old in a class for radicals and socialists.  How would the Dunhams have found out about this new school as far away as Washington State?  And if Stanley Ann were were truly a “red diaper” baby she wouldn’t have needed outside instruction.

careers at risk in red scare

careers at risk in red scare

Remember, this was 1956, and being a communist was illegal.  Being thought a “fellow traveler” was dangerous to health and freedom.  The red scare was in full swing, and mere suspicion of being communist affiliated could bring a visit from the FBI. A communist had to register with the federal government and risk being detained and interrogated regarding their associations.  The war and post war years saw a gradual tightening of laws designed to smoke out and hobble leftist activity.

First, there was the Smith Act, enacted in 1940.  From Wikipedia:

The Alien Registration Act or Smith Act (18 U.S.C. § 2385) of 1940 is a United States federal statute that makes it a criminal offense for anyone to

knowingly or willfully advocate, abet, advise or teach the duty, necessity, desirability or propriety of overthrowing the Government of the United States or of any State by force or violence, or for anyone to organize any association which teaches, advises or encourages such an overthrow, or for anyone to become a member of or to affiliate with any such association.

It also required all non-citizen adult residents to register with the government; within four months, 4,741,971 aliens had registered under the Act’s provisions.

The Act is best known for its use against political organizations and figures, mostly on the left. Prosecutions continued until a series of United States Supreme Court decisions in 1957 threw out numerous convictions under the Smith Act as unconstitutional. The statute remains on the books, however.

The Act was proposed by Congressman Howard W. Smith of Virginia, a Democrat and a leader of the “anti-labor” bloc of Congressmen. It was signed into law by President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Washington State in the 1930’s and 1940’s was a hotbed of radical unionist activity.  But the FBI smashed most of the radical unions.  By 1950 the Communist press had been mostly shut down.  A show trial of leftist university professors in 1948, known as “the Seattle Ten”, ended with one leader committing suicide, while another turned FBI informant, implicating everyone she had ever had contact with, communist or not.  The rest of the “ten” were imprisoned and then blacklisted, some ending their careers as laborers.  So a person didn’t go about calling herself a communist or an atheist without thinking about consequences.

Calls that Canwell hearing was unconstitutional

Calls that Canwell hearing was unconstitutional

There were loyalty boards and obligatory loyalty oaths. The FBI had expanded powers, opening more than 400,000 files on potential subversives.  Simple membership or advocacy of a banned organization could lead to imprisonment.  Life for “leftists” became marginally better after 1957 but it’s hard to fathom how Madelyn Dunham would have been allowed to become a high level bank official with rumors swirling around her of “communist” affiliation.  It’s hard to believe the official scenario as presented by the Obama resume enhancers.

For this and other reasons I will discuss later, I have trouble believing the Dunhams were “red”.

I have an alternate theory to explain the facts as they are so often presented.  I’m more than willing to be disproved but some of the “facts” just don’t make sense.

Stanley Ann Dunham, Obama’s mama, was apparently born in a military hospital in Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas in November 1942.  Her father, Stanley, was in the military, and there for the birth, though regularly assigned, it is said, to General Patton’s tank corp.  No military records can be found to establish the arena of Stanley’s war service.  Some reports say his military records were destroyed in the attack on the World Trade Center.  That seems highly unlikely and, I suppose, that’s an attempt to wrap Stanley Dunham in the flag, for the sake of Obama’s image.  The problem is there has to be record of his service existing somewhere besides the World Trade Center. Madelyn Dunham refused all interviews, so she was not helpful in fleshing out any details. But perhaps one clue is that Ft. Leavenworth is also the headquarters of naval intelligence and the training center for SESKOAD, military center of the Indonesian officer corp in the 1950’s.  If you’ve read my previous posts I link Ann Dunham Soetoro to the Indonesian military officer corp (by marriage to Colonel Lolo Soetoro) and employment at the U.S. Embassy at the time of the great Indonesian communist massacres of 1965-1968.  Both the U.S. Embassy and the Indonesian officer corp was fully involved in the massacre. Read the full report here, Building an Elite for Indonesia.  Excerpts from this astounding article (please read it):

Education had long been an arm of statecraft, and it was Dean Rusk who spelled out its function in the Pacific in 1952, just months before resigning as Assistant Secretary of State for Far Eastern Affairs to head up the Rockefeller Foundation. “Communist aggression” in Asia required not only that Americans be trained to combat it there, but “we must open our training facilities for increasing numbers of our friends from across the Pacific.”


Fortunately for Ford and its academic image there was yet another school at hand: SESKOAD, the Army Staff and Command School. Situated seventy miles southeast of Djakarta in cosmopolitan Bandung, SESKOAD was the Army’s nerve center. There, generals decided organizational and political matters; there, senior officers on regular rotation were “upgraded” with manuals and methods picked up during training in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas(emphasis mine).

So, back to Mercer Island.  Washington State is also a home of U.S. Naval Intelligence.  From Wikipedia:

Cryptanalytic problems facing the United States in the Pacific prior to World War II were largely those related to Japan. An early decision by OP-20-G in Washington divided responsibilities for them among CAST at Cavite and then Corregidor, in the Philippines, HYPO in Hawaii, and OP-20-G itself in Washington. Other Navy crypto stations, including Guam, Puget Sound, Bainbridge Island were tasked and staffed for signals interception and traffic analysis.

I noted in an above article that U.S. Naval Intelligence was sometimes associated with covert F.B.I. or C.I.A.  operations.  And sometimes normal seeming families were recruited by the F.B.I. to aid in  anti-communist intelligence gathering.

Next, the family lived in Berkeley for two years.  Berkeley, along with MIT, Cornell and Harvard, became the academic platforms funded by the Ford and Rockefeller Foundations for the eventual ideological makeover for a military government in Indonesia. Madelyn Dunham attended Berkeley, taking no degree.   Here’s what Building an Elite for Indonesia says about the importance of Berkeley in the creation of an elite for Indonesia:

witnessed fal of Sukarno

witnessed fall of Sukarno

MIT and Cornell made contacts, collected data, built up expertise. It was left to Berkeley to actually train most of the key Indonesians who would seize government power and put their pro-American lessons into practice. Dean Sumitro’s Faculty of Economics provided a perfect academic boot camp for these economic shock troops.


This time the professional touch and academic respectability were to be provided by Berkeley. The Berkeley team’s first task was to replace the Dutch professors, whose colonial influence and capitalist economics Sukarno was trying to phase out. The Berkeley team would also relieve Sumitro’s Indonesian junior faculty so that Ford could send them back to Berkeley for advanced credentials. …

While the Indonesian junior faculty studied American economics in Berkeley classrooms, the Berkeley professors turned the Faculty in Djakarta into an American-style school of economics, statistics, and business administration.

After a two year stint in Berkeley the Dunhams moved to Hawaii, where Stanley could build a better career selling furniture.  Madelyn got a job in a bank, where, without formal training, she eventually became Vice President at the Bank of Hawaii.  I guess Stanley kept selling furniture until he died.

Honolulu is headquarters of Naval Intelligence in the Pacific and headquarters of the Pacific Area Command, U.S.P.A.C.O.M.  I noted in an earlier post that Admiral Dennis Blair, President Obama’s appointee as Director of National Intelligence,  was the supreme commander of PACOM.  He and Obama’s mama have something in common:  they both attended the East-West center and studied Russian there, as the former USSR was the most important arena for intelligence gathering during the Cold War.  President Eisenhower funded the East-West center with contributions from the Ford Foundation after the annexation of Hawaii in 1959 for Cold War studies.  Senator and later president Johnson, advocated for it.  The Ford Foundation established a fellowship program for it.

Once established in Hawaii, Ann Dunham enrolled at the East-West Center.

To be continued…..

Obama Wants to Sell Your X-Rays

April 16, 2009

Obama’s new stimulus plan provides $20 billion for the electronic updating of medical records. The electronic medical update was Tom  Daschle’s plan. Although Obama insisted during the campaign that he would rid Washington of lobbyist influence, it was Daschle’s schemes with and for the insurance and pharmaceutical conglomerates that got him Obama’s nod for Health and  Human Services Secretary. Tom has been benched.  But Obama has already taken the hand-off.  Not only is it a vast financial boon for marketers , it will allow insurance companies to get around privacy requirements and perhaps charge more for drugs, or decline coverage for pre-existing conditions.

No worries for company’s over privacy violation lawsuits.  No one can find out if their privacy has been breached.

This huge attack on privacy was shoved through in an “emergency” bill because otherwise the public wouldn’t have swallowed it.

And what’s Obama going to do with this data base?

Do you trust this administration to have everything bit of information about you available to them at the touch of a button?  Have you taken illegal drugs? What legal drugs do you take?  What’s your preferred form of birth control? Any abortions? How about a rare blood type,or  psychiatric problem?  Anything else you can think of that you don’t want Google to put on the internet, upload to your employer or send around the world?

What of the obvious national security implications around this vast network of data collection?

Just a few years ago hackers and identity thieves repeatedly accessed credit data and social security numbers.  Hundreds of thousands of military veteran’s and university records were lifted.  No firewalls to protect data were put in place after the first thefts and the public was not notified.  Who has that stolen data now?  The Russian Mafia?

Maybe I just don’t trust this administration.  But with good reason.

Make no mistake.  The rush to update medical records is not for the benefit of American citizens. Globalizing information is about globalization. It will allow the globalizers, hedge fund operators, military strategists and world bankers to plan and build for the future, for their future, without your knowledge. It’s a money-making or money saving enterprise for the big transnational industrial, pharmaceutical, insurance and information companies that sit at the plutocrat’s table.

But it’s part of a larger picture.  Obama wants a complete record of every American.

Obama is the creator of the most far reaching surveillance and secrecy schemes in American history.  Not only did he back FISA after insisting he would filibuster it, he has appointed former CIA deputy Michael Hayden as head of the NSA.  Remember Micheal Hayden, the former CIA official who insists “probable cause” does not apply to the “search” or “seizure” clauses of the 4th amendment to the Constitution, only to the issuance of warrants?  The Director of National Intelligence will also have vast and probably unlimited powers to collect information from all forms of communications intercepted within the U.S, including emails and blogs. The surveillance possibilities have yet to be tapped.

Obama also wants every American to be signed up as a volunteer, like it or not.  Young people will be required to volunteer for the public good, college age students will volunteer as community workers or civil defense agents in order to receive college loans.  The elderly will be enlisted to serve as mentors to the students. All of this “volunteering” will require every person to be tracked for grant aid or employment purposes.

So call me crazy but…

The electronic updating and storing of medical records by this administration may be something we live to regret.

Who Are America’s Oligarchs?

April 11, 2009
Why is this man smiling

Why is this man smiling?

Like his mother, Ann Dunham Soetoro, the media has sold Barack Obama as a “Leftist”.  I don’t believe this story about mother or son. What better camouflage for a corporatist/opportunist/operative than soft focus “Leftist”?  While investigating the theory that Obama’s mama, Ann Dunham Soetoro, was a possible CIA covert operative stationed in Indonesia, Thailand and Pakistan, I have been taken in many directions. Most investigative paths led back to Southeast Asia. After a coup  and the corporate “opening” of one of the most resource rich countries in the world, Indonesia became one of the poorest-per capita-nations in Asia, with low educational levels and enormous divisions between rich and poor .

Summarizing some of my earlier posts, life-behind-the-malls

Poor area of Jakarta

Poor area of Jakarta

I followed the connections between Peter Geithner (long time head of the Ford Foundation’s Asia Division) and Ann Soetero. The Ford Foundation in Asia is widely held to be connected to the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency.  Ann Dunham Soetoro worked extensively with the Ford Foundation as well as the U.S.A.I.D. and the World Bank, both considered sometime partners in covert operations. Barack Obama’s step-father, Lolo Soetoro was a high ranking military officer in Suharto’s Army and a government liaison between the Indonesian military government and the international oil industry.

Peter Geithner’s son Tim, Obama’s Treasury Secretary, was raised primarily in China and Southeast Asia. As Clinton undersecretary for Asian Affairs and high ranking officer in the International Monetary Fund, it was Geithner’s monetary medicine that led to a worsening of the Asian financial catastrophe — which wrecked the economies primarily of Thailand, Indonesia and South Korea.  Many experts believe Geithner’s monetary policy led to the crash of the Southeast Asian economies. Other factors in the collapse were overvalued real-estate assets and outside currency manipulations. Foreign capital had been pouring into the Southeast Asian economies, due to high interest rates relative to the dollar. When American interest rates began to rise, capital flowed toward American investments, out of Asia. Thailand was forced to “float” its currency against the dollar. This resulted in the crash of the value of the Asian currencies and a deep retrenchment of real estate values.  The financial collapse called for a massive infusion of IMF funds.

Does this scenario sound familiar to you?

The foreign ministers of the 10 ASEAN countries believed that the well co-ordinated manipulation of their currencies was a deliberate attempt to destabilize the ASEAN economies. Former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad accused George Soros of ruining Malaysia’s economy with “massive currency speculation.”

The economic crisis also led to a political upheaval, most notably culminating in the resignations of President Suharto in Indonesia and Prime Minister General Chavalit Yongchaiyudh in Thailand. There was a general rise in anti-Western sentiment, with George Soros and the IMF in particular singled out as targets of criticisms.

George Soros

George Soros

Soros is also reviled in some quarters for his speculative manipulation shorting of the British Pound Sterling.  The British government fought back with massive central bank intervention but was unable to defend its currency which lost 20% of its value.  With this attack, Soros made (I won’t say earned) more than 1.1 billion dollars in a single day.

Soros doesn’t just anticipate currency devaluations, his hedge fund movements and his dire warnings often cause the events.

From Wikipedia:

When investment regulations restricted his ability to run the funds as he wished, he quit his position in 1973 and established a private investment company that eventually evolved into the Quantum Fund.

Soros is also a former member of the Carlyle GroupRecall that the Carlyle Group’s members include former defense department and CIA heads as well as members of the Saudi royal family.

According to Wikipedia this is the focus of the Carlyle Group’s financial interests:

Carlyle invests primarily in the following industries: aerospace and defense, automotive, consumer and retail, energy and power, health care, real estate, technology and business services, telecommunications and media, and transportation. The Carlyle Group’s investments are focused on East Asia, Europe and North America, with most investment money coming from the United States (65%), Europe (25%), Asia (6%), Latin America, and the Middle East. Defense investments represent about 1% of the group’s current portfolio; for example, Carlyle owns 33.8% of QinetiQ, the recently privatized British defense contractor.

Hmmm…CFR’s interests, healthcare, automotive, electric power,real estate, all Obama’s primary interests in the Economic stimulus package. And…
Interesting that Britain is also privatizing ITS military.

According to Wikipedia:

In late 2006, Soros bought about 2 million shares of Halliburton.

With this information on the table, tell me, do you think Obama is going to end the war? Or will he continue to fill the coffers of Halliburton?

From Chinadaily BBS

Soros likes to portray himself as an outsider, an independent-minded Hungarian emigre and philosopher-pundit who stands detached from the US military-industrial complex. But take a look at the board members of the NGOs he organises and finances. At Human Rights Watch, for example, there is Morton Abramowitz, US assistant secretary of state for intelligence and research from 1985-89, and now a fellow at the interventionist Council on Foreign Relations; ex-ambassador Warren Zimmerman (whose spell in Yugoslavia coincided with the break-up of that country); and Paul Goble, director of communications at the CIA-created Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (which Soros also funds). Soros’s International Crisis Group boasts such “independent” luminaries as the former national security advisers Zbigniew Brzezinski and Richard Allen, as well as General Wesley Clark, once Nato supreme allied commander for Europe. The group’s vice-chairman is the former congressman Stephen Solarz, once described as “the Israel lobby’s chief legislative tactician on Capitol Hill” and a signatory, along with the likes of Richard Perle and Paul Wolfowitz, to a notorious letter to President Clinton in 1998 calling for a “comprehensive political and military strategy for bringing down Saddam and his regime”.

George Soros was Barack Obama’s primary, early deep-pocket supporter through MoveOn.Org.  Is Soros a conventional “Leftist” or an opportunist who exploits the gaps caused by social transition and political instability?  My guess is that he’s the same type of “Leftist” as Obama.

Soros has also speculated that an international reserve currency will replace the dollar

China recently proposed greater use of Special Drawing Rights, possibly as an eventual global reserve currency. “In the long run, having an international accounting unit rather than the dollar may, in fact, be to our advantage …

Where is the “advantage” for the average American citizen?

So, Soros backed Obama. Then, Obama has chosen Tim Geithner (architect of the IMF collapse of the Indonesian and Thai economies) to rescue America from the financial collapse created by unregulated banks and hedge funds. Seems to me like a cluster fuck of the American taxpayer.

Soros and Geithner have something else in common. Both are members of the Council of Foreign Relations, which some believe to be the most influential private foreign policy group in the world.  CFR publishes Foreign Affairs.  It’s policy think tank is the Rockefeller Institute (closely allied with the Ford foundation). According to Wikipedia:

Journalist Joseph Kraft, a former member of both the CFR and the Trilateral Commission, said the Council “comes close to being an organ of what C. Wright Mills has called the Power Elite – a group of men, similar in interest and outlook, shaping events from invulnerable positions behind the scenes.”

Corporate members of the board of CFR

One long term and influential member of the CFR is Henry KissingerTimothy Geithner was an associate of Kissinger and Associates from 1986-1989.  Since Kissinger’s clients and activities are totally secret, we don’t know what Geithner actually did while with Kissinger and Associates.

the Times then-national security correspondent, Leslie Gelb, reported that the Midland Bank of Britain was also one of the special influence-purchasing clients of Kissinger Associates that paid Treasury Secretary-Designate Geithner and his colleagues “slightly more than $150,000 yearly for varying services.”

The new order is globalization: the sweeping away of national institutions and borders and transitioning to free trade, mobile international labor markets, mobility of capital movement, worldwide corporate structures.  Looking at your family and neighbors — how many are affected by NAFTA, immigration, job loss, outsourcing, …?

Is the U.S. just another country to be destabilized in the global leveling process?
In this article the author takes up globalization fostered by interests in both the political Left and the political Right.

In his book, Promoting Polyarchy, William Robinson describes the formation of a new hegemonic bloc that has emerged to lead the process of globalization. This bloc consists of various economic and political forces that have become the dominant sector of the ruling class throughout the developed world. The politics and policies of this ruling bloc are conditioned by the new global structure of accumulation and production. This historic bloc is composed of the transnational corporations and financial institutions, supranational economic planning agencies, major forces in the dominant political parties, media conglomerates, and technocratic elites in the Third World.

The new integrated circuits of world production and finance are possible because information technologies allow the centralization of decision making along with a geographic decentralization of production. The results are world mobility for investments, markets,and production, which leads globalists to harmonize a wide range of fiscal, monetary and industrial policies across national borders. Therefore, it is the logic of global accumulation, rather than national accumulation, that guides the political and economic behavior of the ruling bloc.   (Emphasis mine)

In the U.S., the globalist ruling bloc has three main factions: neo-liberal structuralists; free-market conservatives, and liberal regulationists. Their debates dominate Washington and don’t correspond to the familiar political categories of the industrial era. The same is true of the anti-globalist camp, which contains both the anti-imperialist left and the reactionary populous right.

The globalists consolidated ideologically in the early 1980s under the policy of the Washington Consensus. Developed to deal with the debt crisis in Latin America and Mexico, its main principles were privatization, free trade, high interest rates, and a sharply diminished role for the state in economic activity and social services. This became the policy mantra of the Reagan revolution, and a siren call for the new Democrats. However, the recent Asian crisis has exposed important contradictions and major splits in the globalists camp. Foremost is the question of how best to structure the new world economy, with the debate centered on IMF policies.

Obama’s mama had a cover:  a leftist do-gooder.  Obama’s acorn didn’t fall far from it’s tree. Left and Right have one goal – weilding power for the accumulation of riches.  Left and Right are embodied in one person, and that person is Barack Obama.

Obama Signals Turkey

April 6, 2009

America’s new boy king, Barack Obama, has brought his charm offensive to Turkey.  Wasn’t it just a few days ago that  he was posing for cameras at the G20 and offering half-baked ideas about rogue capitalism and stimulus packages, European cooperation and more NATO  troops for Afghanistan?   Later, to a swooning crowd, he offered a John Lennonish imagining about a nuclear free world.  Only not yet, he hastened to add.  That’s a lot on a plate for a boy king.

Before his detractors could scratch their groins and mumble WTF???? And even before his devoted followers could murmur “where in the world is Carmen San Diego? the boy king popped up on the red carpet in Ankara.  With great fanfare, and many more photo-ops he rejoiced that, unlike his first magical mystery tour  to Pakistan in 1981, he could  he could enter an Islamic country with an American passport.

Turkey and its neighbors

Turkey and its neighbors

It’s easy to see why, like Bush before him, Obama is currying favor with the Turks.  The military and the oil men want him to.  Israel wants him to.  And why shouldn’t he smooth over the rift Bush opened with his disingenuous and poorly managed attack on Iraq?  There is still much to be gained in a Turkish deal:  NATO airbases for an attack on Iraq or Afghanistan or western Pakistan, the re-supply of our permanent troop support to protect the pipeline, and water, the watershed of the Tigris and Euphrates as it flows downstream from Turkey and through Iraq and Syria.  Perhaps a new water deal with thirsty Israel will be possible.

Turkey can be an interlocutor among Egypt, Hamas, Syria, Israel, Palestine.  Then, there’s pesky Iran.  Operation pincher.  Iran between the nutcrackers of Iraq, Turkey, Afghanistan.  How long will it be before someone insists there, too, are weapons of mass destruction.

What does King Obama offer Turkey in exchange for her delights?  Entry into the European Union.  Obama has offered Turkey, in his churlishly arrogant way, Europe’s hand in marriage; whether the Europeans like it or not.  Europe has strongly intimated that it does not want a shotgun marriage.  Turkey is not Western enough and certainly not Christian.  Being tacitly secular, for a former Islamic state, is not enough.  Europe is full to the gills with undigested Muslims.  Why doesn’t Obama offer the Turks American citizenship?

One other pesky problem:  the Armenian genocide, which the Turks deny and the Armenians and the rest of the world avow.  During the campaign for the presidency, Obama’s website stated the the Armenian genocide was an “admitted fact”.  A House resolution is slated, yet again, to deal with the question of the massacres that cost 1.5 million Armenian lives during WWI. But it is currently being reported that “no one can predict” what the little king’s expedient stance will be now that he as been elected.

We all know how pretty little Obama can change his mind on matters that he used to be certain about.  He can keep mighty quiet about things like genocide-recall Indonesia 1965-1968 and East Timor 1975-1999.