She Didn’t Wear A Burkha But…..Thoughts On Earth Day

I had been troubled for weeks by the graphic photograph of a burkha-clad woman beheaded by the Taliban.  The burkha bothered me.  Even in death the woman had no identity.  Strangely, to the spectators (all male) it was more indecent to uncover her head than to cut it off.  Whose rules?  I said f… the damn burkha.  F… the Taliban.   And then I saw this:

Tripla was just 17 when the man who bought her took her into a field and decapitated her with a sickle.  Her crime? Refusing to sleep with her owner’s brother, who cold not find a “wife”.  Her parents had sold her for 170 pounds.

India has nuclear weapons, a thriving business district in Mumbai, and (a shock to me) the highest number of labor slaves in the world. Most of them are women and girls (not so shocking) but…

From The Price of Being a Woman

Just 25 miles from the mall is a slave market for women.

Desirability is based on skin color, age and virginity…that is

if the purchase is for sex or resale.  If it’s for labor, anyone will do.  Labor slaves are 96% of total number of slaves although the sex-slaves are more profitable.  A single female may be resold many times, whenever a deal can be struck or a profit made.  Mummia was a great deal.

Mummia was considered particularly beautiful.  She was sold three times in just three weeks.


Girls are now so few in number in some areas there is no one for the men to  marry.  The desire for the financial benefit of sons and onerous dowry  requirements has resulted in the abortion of female fetuses.  Doctors use coded language and write their charts in red and blue ink to circumvent the laws against sex-select abortion.

Sometimes the women’s mothers-in-law demand the abortion of the female fetus.

No one involved in the trafficking and killing of women seems to connect the treatment of the female gender with the long-lasting social consequences of their acts.

So, what you say, does this have to do with Earth Day?


Because as it goes for women, so it goes for the ultimate female, for Gaia, for Mother Earth. Rape, exploitation, slavery, a lack of regard for the integrity and rights of another.  Anything that can bring a profit: strip mining, chemical dumping, depletion of the oceans, global warming, annihilation of species, war.  Whatever.  It’s all of a piece. strip-mining1

A new poll indicates the populous is less committed now to saving the planet than it was forty years ago. It was President Nixon that signed into being much of the environmental legislation such as the EPA, Toxic Control Act, Clean Water Act, that we now take for granted.  He did it because the people demanded it.  And it was also nearly forty years ago that the push for the Equal Rights Amendment seemed strong and headed for victory.  But the regressive movements fought back and we are at a standstill.  Economic matters now concern us most, our jobs, mortgages, childrens’ futures, the gigantic economic engine,so wizard-like,  really powered by greed and imagination.  Our fauxgressive new president talks the talk on women and the environment but so far he has done everything BUT walk the walk.

And yet….There is an awful portent in the destruction and extinction of women.

As the number of women born declines their utility and profitability in whorehouses, fields and factories has become more obvious.  We all want to be rich.

Villagers attacked the police who came to rescue the purchased brides.  Villagers enforce the women’s silence about their plight.

Women are shipped by container to brothels in New York.  The profits on the sale of female labor rivals that of guns and drugs.  sex-slave-dungeon-india1

They’re handed over by their husbands and families for a few rupees to the:

carpet sheds of Brohadi, as prostitutes and kitchen slaves in West Asia, the U.K., Korea. They’re sent to the Philippines for pornography.  If they are children they might be sent to Saudi Arabia as beggars.

And so it goes.  Cheap goods on the backs of female slaves.  Disposable everything because it’s all free for the taking.

So I’ve come full circle, back to the burkha-clad woman and her shameful head on the ground. It still troubles me.


8 Responses to She Didn’t Wear A Burkha But…..Thoughts On Earth Day

  1. Dead Girl says:

    The U.N. is not doing much at all for these women and children… not much at all.

  2. patriotdems says:

    Deadgirl, thanks for visiting my blog. No surprise that the U.N. isn’t doing anything. They don’t give much of a hoot about anything.

  3. KC says:

    Thank you for making that beautiful connection between the female and the earth. For us as a planet to truly be saved, female energy has got to take the lead. That is the only thing, in my opinion, that will bring about REAL change. It is time.

    It won’t be easy. Just look at how panicked and ugly it got here in the USA this past election season when women were getting “too close” to real power.

  4. spock says:

    I am in agreement with KC and also will say that the UN will not be leading the charge for human rights. It has always been disturbing to me that we have not taken care of our planet. We allow it to be filled with waste and toxins which has ultimately poisoned all of us. Along with our planet, women, in many parts of the world, are nothing more than disposable things, a mere commodity. I do believe that a woman will rise up and be the agent of change in the rights of women, but who and when, I can only speculate.

  5. patriotdems says:

    Spock, you’re right. People have forgotten (if they ever knew)how so many things are intertwined. If they can be made to see it, to see that cheap, disposable goods are not an exchange for life, and that women are not just things, maybe we can save ourselves.

  6. patriotdems says:

    KC, thank you so much for your beautiful comments.

  7. villager4ever says:

    So sad that the U.N. does not address this issue. Their agenda just does not put a priority to this.

  8. Hey, brilliant site, I have personal experience with scars and it is great to see people discussing the best ways to minimise their effects on your life.

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