Do These Women “Smoke”? (h/t) Murphy

What do these women have in common? Success. Power. Republicanism.  Oh, and the admiration of Republican men.

They also have a certain facial expression – steely. Self confident. Something else I can’t quite put my finger on.  Superiority?  They look pretty serious – maybe stern is a better word.  They all have perfectly quaffed hair, don’t you think?

Let’s start with Jeanne Kirkpatrick.  Kirkpatrick had a long career.  Two terms in Reagan’s cabinet.  She was ambassador to the U.N. And on staff at the National Security Agency, etc. Lots of sub-cabinet appointments.

U.S. Ambassador to the U.N.

She’s famous for her “Kirkpatrick Doctrine,” which advocated U.S. support of anticommunist governments around the world, including authoritarian dictatorships, if they went along with Washington’s aims—believing they could be led into democracy by example. She wrote, “Traditional authoritarian governments are less repressive than revolutionary autocracies.”

Did she mean Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Congo, Chile, El Salvador,  and Guatemala?  They were great with human rights.  And no she’s not particularly attractive – but not so unattractive as to call her any animal names, or suggest she’s not feminine, she is, in a masculine sort of way.  But who’s to judge? She looks very patriotic.

There's Kirkpatrick in the middle

There’s Kirkpatrick in the middle.  All the men are smiling.  Is Jeanne?  I think I’ll call her a terrapin.

How about this woman?  phyllis_schlaflyWe all know who she is.  Does she fill the bill as a “smoker”?  President of the Eagle Forum.  Best known for supporting Barry Goldwater in 1964, accusing the Republican Liberals (are they all gone to the moon?) of manipulating the election in A Choice, Not an Echo. Her most important accomplishment was single-handedly (with a little operative assistance and a lot of lies) defeating the Equal Rights Amendment. She still makes lots of money on lecture tours working against (you said it) women’s equality and same-sex marriage.  Phyllis – I have to say booooooo to you because I’ve been sorry since the ERA went into the garbage.  But do you smoke?  Betty Friedan said she wanted to burn you at the stake.  I’ll bet you would have smoked then.

Phyllis, errr, Mrs. Shlafley, (she preferred being called Mrs.) is attractive.  She’s more traditionally feminine than Kirkpatrick.  She also had a wealthy husband and six children to prove it.  Did I say she was attractive?  Not so much, really, if you stare at her for a while and snarl.  Well, she’s certainly not ugly enough to call her by any animal names. Calling her an eagle might be tempting, but eagles are beautiful. I can’t even think of the animal she might be. She’s very patriotic, though. So let’s move on.

President-Eagle Forum
Phyllis Shlafley
Britain's prime minister

Britain's prime minister

Everybody knows this woman, too.  The Iron Lady, Margaret Thatcher.  Britain’s prime minister for a record three terms.  Famous either for her neo-conservatism or neo-liberalism (can’t remember),  but definitely for her Thatcherism.  Everyone knows she could kick butt.  She kicked a lot of British and Argentine Butt back in the eighties.  I’ll bet the Argentine military felt pretty bad losing the dictator and the Maldives all in the same decade.
Ronald Reagan loved her.  He had a particular attraction to women like her (see J. Kirkpatrick and P. Shlafley, above).  All those guys smiling in the picture thought she smoked, even the un-indicted co-conspiritors.
I think she is kind of attractive. No. Maybe.  Feminine?  Not really  -too scowlly.  Wears her clothes well, though.  Nice hairdo.  When she walked (walks?) she looked very purposeful and seemed to stare down the Argentine navy without flinching. She made me nervous.  Good thing she didn’t allow gays in the military.  They’d be way to squeamish to stare down those Argentines.
She seems patriotic.  I’m sure she was (is?) patriotic. I think I see a tiny Union Jack pinned to her lapel. I wouldn’t even dare to call her any rude animal names (cougar?, giraffe, gazelle) (that she doesn’t deserve, anyway) because she would bite my head off.  Yikes.

So on a smokin’ scale from 1-10.  How do you think they rate?  Let’s be generous and give ’em all a prize.


8 Responses to Do These Women “Smoke”? (h/t) Murphy

  1. Cinie says:

    Women who smoke…what? Jeanne Kirkpatrick of FreedomWorks fame? Phyllis Schafly, mother of a gay son, still actively campaigning for “traditional marriage?” I’ll take your word on Thatcher. And, I think the PC animal term of their heyday was “barracuda.”

  2. murphy says:

    by “smoke” do you mean, physically attractive? Why would anyone care if they are physicaly attractive or not?

    Lord knows those women were (and are) mercilessly ridiculed and insulted for their physical attractiveness (or lack thereof). The physical, gendered, racist, homophobic, and violent insults toward women in power know no party boundaries.

    Ann Coulter
    Janet Reno
    Condi Rice
    Donna Brazile
    Helen Thomas
    Sarah Palin
    Hillary Clinton

    ALL of them are degraded by sexualized, demeaning, stereotyped insults.

    Are you saying that Republican women are immune? That democrats are gender and race blind when they insult women whose policies they disagree with or even hate?

  3. Cinie says:

    It made me wonder if left-leaning feminists would call any of these women a gorilla.

  4. patriotdems says:

    It’s a satire. I’m comparing what people say about appearance v what the women actually represent in their policies ie MO is always attacked for her appearance, clothes, walk, ghetto style, lack of patriotism.
    These republian icons are responsible for imposing brutal dictatorships, criminal govts and resistance to equal right. They are NEVER judged on their appearance nor called monkeys and gorillas. That’s my point.

  5. Dead Girl says:

    Those women were willing, nay, they were ENTHUSIASTIC, TOOLS of The Patriarchy. Thatcher, for instance, was an ICON, and World Leader for The Patriarchy. Nancy Pelosi, is an example of another ENTHUSIASTIC TOOL of THE PATRIARCHY, along with all of our “feminist leaders” at NOW, Ms, etc.

    I have no animal names for them. TRAITORS TO WOMEN will suffice.

  6. Dead Girl says:

    I guess, now that I think of it, Jeanne Kilpatrick looks like she has been cut into Stone. You could hammer that visage right up there on Mt Rushmore, next to Rotten Ronnie…

  7. Dead Girl says:

    Mrs. Shlafly (lets give women THE SHAFTly) looks like SATAN, with an UP-DO… a June Cleaver with a borderline personality…

  8. patriotdems says:

    Deadgirl, LOL. By Jove, I think you’ve got it.

    LOVE your site, great analysis and graphics. I’m having trouble commenting, guess I forgot my pw. Bbl

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