Obama-To Hijab or Not To Hijab

It should have been Hillary giving the speech, but it wasn’t.

ObaJunk on sale Egypt

ObaJunk on sale Egypt

But Uh Oh.  Looks like the Middle East is getting misty eyed over the same Obama speechifyin’ rope-a-dope  and pretend fire walking  American progressives are now used to.  From Alarabiya:

President Obama’s visit to Saudi Arabia and Egypt is met in the Arab world with unprecedented wave of optimism and hope bordering on the fantasy and the ridiculous.

Does this BBC video mean at least somebody noticed the symbolic, short on solutions sophistry that’s Obie’s stock in trade?

Obama Aida size spectacle

Obama Aida size spectacle

On the way to deliver his umpteenth Lincolnesque, fanfared, speech-of-a-lifetime  with a backdrop resembling the elephant scene in the opera Aida, PrezObama stopped off in Saudi and Egypt, two of the Middle East’s most repressive regimes, and made  sure the speech porridge was just right for the decapitation King O’Oil Abdullah and President-for-life, Mubar-the-rack.  As a result of the friendly chat, he wiped his speech clean of all references to democracy, freedom, rule of law, human rights or women’s rights, all touchy subjects to our allies in that part of the world.

In case you missed it, here’s the text of the speech:

Blablablablablabla, Palestine,blablabla,Israel,blablablablablabla,rockets,blablabla, settlements. More blablabla defending Muslim rights,blablabla.

Then he came to his 6th (yup most important) point.  The right of women everywhere to wear the hijab, a scarf-like covering for the “hair”, required in Taliban country for keeping a woman’s head attached to the neck.  This topic, and the right of Muslim women to not be discriminated against in America was something every woman was hoping he would take a courageous stand on.  Brave words, Obama.

Hillary and Obie in Cairo

Hillary and Obie in Cairo

The Feminist Majority thought so.  They called his speech “revolutionary”.  Check out his pose, Hillary behind him in the approved hijab in the midst of a day-glo (vagina) pink frame.  For chrissakes, what is this picture telling us?!  Co-optation is good! See Hillary!

Again, he stepped out on thin ice to propose enough education for girls;enough so that they can count the change when purchasing a cow or a Kalashnikov, and for their privileges to remain in traditionally (oppressed) “female” roles without feeling the yoke of their Western sisters‘ scorn.  Yay, Obie, you really understand the tiny, minuscule aspirations of half of the world’s population!  And you can expertly play the divide and conquer game.  Jeezuz! Let’s stop bickering over petty bullshit like women’s rights and get on with the business of business.

Clearly, women’s liberty, for Obie, is wrapped up (no pun intended) in the hijab.  The hijab-the must have accessory for the high fashion Muslim female with nothing but time on her hands. It’s just a scarf, after all.  Something women wear to cover their hair, like if it’s windy or maybe they’re  driving their pink convertible  burkas down the road to Mecca, rocking out……

He alluded to Benazir BhuttoShe wore a hijab and only a BULLET stopped her from becoming once and future prime minister of Pakistan. Benazir Bhutto_image

PrezOdumbass swore he would go all the way to the supreme court to defend a woman’s right to wear one unless the wearer is parked in the picture at one of his rallies.

from the Detroit Press 6/19/08:

Sen. Barack Obama’s campaign apologized Wednesday after volunteers asked two Muslim women not to stand or sit behind the candidate at a rally in Detroit this week out of concerns about the appearance of traditional Muslim dress in published and broadcast visuals of the events.

Wow.  He didn’t want an hijab within a hundred yards of him.  Someone might think he’s a Muslim.  Ouch.

But he wouldn’t cross the room to protect a woman, from a beheading, a bombing or a burial alive.

Women, our movement is over unless we take it back from these assholes.

Way to go, BO.


4 Responses to Obama-To Hijab or Not To Hijab

  1. Sunshinelvr says:

    Women, our movement is over unless we take it back from these assholes. Exactly! Good post.

  2. Sammy Clark says:

    Love it…bcs it is true… how sad that our women’s rights are wrapped up in the hijab…I use to think it was based (women’s movemnent) on equality of our lives with that of men…ie same pay etc…but alas u hit a true note.. fight for the right for women to wear something they are afraid “not to wear” in their country because of male dominated control by harrassment or cruelty….??? hah…how about fighting for my right “not to wear” all this crap when we become a muslim country…. thanks…keep up the good opins….

  3. […] (But that’s a different story, which you can read more about here and here and here and here .) Challenger Marcy […]

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