Yes, Virginia, It’s RAAAAAACISM! » Lynch Jesse Washington_ground_level2

Jesse Washinton lynched-burned at the stake


31 Responses to Lynch Jesse Washington_ground_level2

  1. Jimmy says:

    He probably deserved it.

  2. Stan says:

    You probably deserve it more.

  3. jim says:

    anyone who thinks thats right fuck them. raciest ass holes

  4. haley says:

    this is teribble. I dont understand how people can be so mean to eachother and acutally enjoy watching this. Oh sean james and jim… we are all human and ur just plain rude. it makes me wonder who the real animals are… 😦 it makes me sad that people can be so cruel and stupid.

  5. Me says:

    *facepalms* 😦

  6. Me says:

    ^^^ above comment… very “civilized” 😛

  7. Me says:

    oh wait folks… ok what i said was sarcasm btw, just in case you didn’t realize that.

  8. sofia says:

    this isn’t a question of ‘is it right’ is it wrong’ those black people that were lynched didn’t even want to come to america or europe to start with. Lets say if they found their way into america secretly, then perhaps, yes, you could do the whole ‘get outta a country thing’ but u bought these people into america on slaveships. took millions of people away from their root and their home land and made them slave for you. then how exactly can u be racist to them. u uneducated monkeys drag people into ur countries and because of your peoples lack of knowledge of their own history you dare say shit to these people. ‘niger hatin me’ ….these hardworking black african americans pay for ur cheese burgers u fat tax consumer trailer trash. I’m a black egyption muslim woman, studying in the u.k. listen…as long as u run about messin up other peoples countries, the arabs africa….ur country will eventually mess up too. u’ll get bombed…many immagrants and asylum seeker will come into ur country n u will, eventually get persecuted in ur own land.

  9. Don't quite understand says:

    Im really confused how all of you can go back and forth like that. Im offended by all of you. Im a white female and i dont think the “N” word being thrown around or Honky being thrown around is very funny. i cant wait until we live in a world where there is no cuch thing as color. I try not to see color and it doesnt matter what color you are anyways. We all live here together so we might as well get used to it because we arent going anywhere. And as for you throwing the “N” word around i have some news for you. Your little definition of the “N” word doesnt mean much. Ignorant and knuckles dragging. Well you are white monkeys with your knuckles hanging. Of course its your knuckles dragging cause nothing on your body would every be big enough to drag the ground. So next time you want to go running your mouth look in the mirror at yourself and wonder why do you hate those “N” so much and remember its cause you wish you could be one. Cause being black is something to be proud of.

  10. Alex Rodriguez says:

    Whats with all the group hate? Hate the individual not the race. I swear, reading this much ignorance is disgusting. And no one deserves this kind of death.

  11. Don't quite understand says:

    I agree. im confused and im trying not to stoop to the level they are all on. Cant we all get along. Its not like anyone is going anywhere anytime soon.

  12. patriotdems says:

    Lively discussions are welcome, including viewpoints that I don’t agree with.

    Personal attacks, vulgarity and sexual insults are not welcome and will be deleted.

  13. Sudeeloo says:

    i feel no emotion right now because i do not understand how people could do this. its really sad and for that jimmy dude to say that he probably deserved just means that he is ignorant and has no heart.

  14. nifdskfakjhkjdshakl says:

    hahahahhahahahahahahahahahah aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahhahahah

  15. that shizz iz so bizzurk how culd anyone live in a cruel world like this wtf it’s ridiculouse and to all you rascist fagot ass bitches screw you!

  16. rose says:

    im not be funny but sofia why do you keep saying ‘you’ it wasnt us it were previous generations.

  17. rose says:

    also, jimmy may be right, as jesse washinton was famous as he admitted to raping a white woman and killing her. BUT, there is alot of evidence of cases where people are forced to admit to these kin of things. i.e what happened in Salem, Massuchusetts with ‘witches’.

  18. 17-proud african girl says:

    you know its really hurtful to read the things that some of these people have commented on here. me being a teenage african american and seeing how ignorant and idiotic people can be when it comes to things like this just shows how majority of you really dont understand anything. and it show how naive all of you are. trying to sound sympathetic and act as if u really cared about this incident truly.. u just dont want to look like a racist or a prejudice person. but its all good becuase even knowing from an early child hood, i knew that racism was always there, and it will never die unless you idiotic insincere people will learn that you dont judge peolple on whats on there outside, you judge them on there insides.. and to let you know most caucasians are idiots and think that there better than people and always try to make africans look as if they’re lower than them, when we are actually a very strong, intelligent, and unique race!

  19. Alex says:

    Rapists should be killed though, good job.

  20. Not telling says:

    Please How could someone do that it’s just horrible and i know this stuff and im eleven. Just forget the past and look into the future :)please Lynching Horrialbe and thats why i like Walter White. He was a 1/8 black and tried to stop lynching and he haad blond hair and blue eyes. Leader of the NAACP! WOW go him.

  21. horizon says:

    Okay, im just a highschool “white” girl, and we were just being taught in class about the horrors of this time. And so i decided to do some research on my own and what do i find? People who think that this is okay to do this to somebody, some people who still have the complete ignorance to think that “they deserved it” and some people who now hate all whites or all blacks because of this time. Did MLK go through everything he did so that we could learn nothing about judging people about the color of their skin, and not by the content of their character? This is truly horrible stuff that these people went through, there were humans, we were humans, there was nothing wrong with them, i thought we had finally opened our eyes to that and instead i find people LAUGHING at a picture of person being burned and hanged!

  22. hey i got a ring.
    it says love.
    why dont you think about that.

  23. 88 says:

    start the cleansing again! aryans need to rise!

  24. 99+1 says:

    ^^^Aryans will never rise nor have they ever been in high standing. The only cleansing that will be done is of hate and the hater…peace

  25. marc says:

    tht is just plain rascism

  26. blacktrash says:

    Rapist nigga, it must hang!The KKK will ride again!

  27. CHITOWNMAYA says:

    WOW…. and that is about sums it up. Can not believe this even went on at all.. People forget that AMERICA IS MADE UP OF IMMIGRATION… weather you were brought here or choose to move here. No one is a true AMERICAN except the AMERICAN INDIANS the natives of this country. So we all need to realize this that America creates racism by labeling people “African American, Irish American, Italian American….. ” aren’t we all just AMERICANS !!! check white, check indian, check hispanic, bla bla bla… who cares if you are a citizen well then….. goooood check that box.. and move on The fact that this country started with this kind of behavior is crazy….

  28. brianna says:

    this is just wrong and anybody that thinks this shit is cool_ fffuuccccckkkkyooouu

  29. Saraiya says:

    this is terrible i couldnt imagine what this person was thinkin before he died

  30. HannahB says:

    I can’t believe that there are STILL people out there insensitive enough to laugh at this or think it’s funny to make crass, obscene comments about something this shameful and horrific in our nations history. Shame on you and all that you represent… People like you are who deserve to burn alive – SLOWLY. Especially you, “blacktrash” or whoever you may be. Lets see how you feel when someone finally gets enough sense to tie you to a pile of wood and set it on fire.

  31. Harrass von Pulverfaß says:

    I enjoyed it. Ye good ol’ times

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