I Got Flu, You Got Flu…

September 22, 2009

Back in April of this year the world (at least the commercial media)was hyperventilating about an outbreak of “swine” flu, renamed ( just in time) H1N1. The contagion’s spread was counted down in real time-one victim at a time. Rumors abounded.

Predictions were made about the (American) death rate possible from the mysterious killer disease that jumped the species barrier from pig to human. There were calls to deport the Mezzicans and seal the (southern) border(s). Lou Dobbs must have been thrilled to finally see some vigorous action taken after his phony hysteria warnings about a plague of Wetback borne leprosy was ignored. A one million (gasp!) pig filthy obscenity farm in Mexico, half owned by American pork giant Smithfield Farms, was implicated in the transmission of the virus. Since then, two things have happened: not much and nothing.

The pig farm is still gloriously, capitalistically, unregulated. That’s why they moved to Mexico in the first place. Unfortunately, Smithfield’s sales plummeted and it has asked for welfare gu’mit assistance.

No Americans died, although

About 36,000 Americans die from flu complications every year.

Mexico has reported 152 fatalities in flu-like cases in recent days, seven of which have been confirmed as swine flu. Another 19 patients have been confirmed as having swine flu but surviving. About 2,000 people have been hospitalized with symptoms. (Figures might have changed).

Authorities admit that the villages are poor. Malnutrition and other diseases  may have contributed to patient deaths.

And the source of the contamination is probably still there (though Smithfield denies it).

Health and Human Services, HHS and the Department of Defense are asking three companies for rush on doses.  These two government agencies can give the vaccine producers an FDA  “pass” on testing trials in an hysteria emergency.  Dosage levels, number of doses, and adjuvants, or extenders, for the drugs are questionable for serious side effects.  Adjuvants such as the oil squalene, can be more deadly than the diseases they’re supposed to fight, causing complicated, long lasting autoimmune responses.  Aluminum, arsenic, and mycoplasmas also contaminate vaccines. Some of these substances have been linked to autism.

Tamiflu, which may or may not be effective, can be used as a therapeutic or a vaccine.  Guess who has a huge amount of stock in that product?  Donald Rumsfeld, our erstwhile Secretary of Defense. He will be raking $$$t in.

Let’s go back to the pre 9/11 anthrax scare of 2001.

In September 2001 five envelopes of militarized, inhalation anthrax spores were mailed to a senate offices and the media.  A few people died from the spores.  The media had been flogging the idea of biological weaponry being used by Saddam and this incident seemed to prove that BW’s would be used as terror weapons. Before this incident interest in an anthrax vaccine was waning and appeared likely to be discontinued.  Eventually, a culprit was tagged, Bruce Edward Ivins, a bio-weapons scientist at Fort Detrick in Frederick, Maryland.  Ivins, allegedly killed himself after the investigation focused on him.

Production of the vaccine was ramped up after the scare with millions of doses prepared and delivered to the military after the Iraq invasion. The vaccine was very weak, up to six doses required.  Adjuvants such as aluminum and squalene were added to stretch the vaccine further.  Adjuvants are believed to be implicated in the side affects noted in Gulf War Syndrome. Disease and disability even negligence are not a problem-for them. You can’t sue.

Guess who has a large financial interest in the Anthrax Vaccine? A company called BioPort, with controlling interest of Admiral Crowe, the Carlyle Group, the Bushes, perhaps the Bin Ladens. They’ll be raking $$$t in.



Are Black Women Really Women?

September 19, 2009

This is a big question.

I’m not sure if the answer is NOT QUITE, NOT YET or NOT EVEN IN THEIR OWN MINDS.

The Black woman in America is a political half/caste creature, way too black for some and not enough woman for others. If one is a Black feminist, life can be full of contradictions, disappointments and loneliness. Where the battle lines are drawn between Blacks and women, as they seem now to be since the nomination of Barack Obama, the Black feminist has been mostly left out of the conversation (if she were, indeed, ever in it), on the defensive about racism (and its reverse) and ignored on sexism. Black women, very often stigmatized, disrespected and shunted aside by Black men, in a hurry to make gains for Black men, find themselves the easy targets of the animosity of their White “sisters”who constantly question their feminist bona fides and similar state of female condition which no amount of critical finger pointing at Obama can rectify. The nomination and election of Barack Obama over Hillary Clinton, using dirty tactics, is proof positive to many, that Black people have “arrived” while “women” (Black not included) have been left in the starting blocks. Does Obama’s arrival demonstrate the real truth of this? No, IMHO, but evidently, the way to balance the scales of Black v. female power is to elect women  (White of any political stripe)-using the “Black” strategy(whatever that is)-which, given the rather small numbers and disparities of Blacks, was fairly ineffectual for about 150 years.

This reminds me of a blog discussion where people were encouraged to discuss who built  America.  The Chinese men were mentioned as contributors to the nation’s greatness. When I suggested millions of African slaves contributed for hundreds of years, the sh*t hit the proverbial fan.  Everyone shouted “What about women?”  seemingly oblivious that half of those slaves were women. But I digress.  This is the end of the story, not the beginning.

Scarlet and Mammy

Scarlet and Mammy

The story begins with the arrival of African-Americans brought to American shores as slaves. Slaves everywhere are treated horrifically but African slaves in America, were considered (conveniently) subhuman, akin to animals.

Routinely raped and physically abused, they were clearly not “women” in the regular sense of the word, save for their innate inferiority, with no legal or “natural” rights to worry about.  I won’t belabor the point here. Everybody knows the story so I’ll give Sojourner Truth the last words, spoken before a group of female suffragists in 1851, her “ain’t I a woman” speech:

Dat man ober dar say dat womin needs to be helped into carriages, and lifted ober ditches, and to hab de best place everywhar. Nobody eber helps me into carriages, or ober mud-puddles, or gibs me any best place!” And raising herself to her full height, and her voice to a pitch like rolling thunder, she asked. ‘And ain’t I a woman?

Did Sojourner Truth recognize the irony that neither woman’s suffrage nor universal male suffrage would get her to the enfranchisement party?  So, how would she choose if she had to choose? Isn’t this, in  a sense, where we stand today?

Mammy "kiss"

Mammy "kiss"

After the end of slavery and the beginning of Jim Crow the Black woman was held up as the ugly and contemptible bete noire to the desirable  White woman in order to refute the charge of the mass rape of Black women by White men. The Black woman was portrayed as devoid of any characteristic that made her a woman: beauty, nobility, charm, chastity, even decency.  Stripped of their womanhood, they internalized society’s contempt for them as females. Even if White women didn’t get the message, we did. But I believe White women DID get the message.

Black "Jezebel

Black "Jezebel

I heard a feminist on another blog admit that she didn’t like Black people.  She preferred Asians, she said, because their women are also objectified. Is objectification the price of admission to the club of feminism?  Does one have to be turned into a pornographic icon, like Sarah Palin,  for there to be outrage at the lot of women?  Black women, who have more often been publicly de-sexed or dehumanized probably don’t get admission to that club. Nonetheless, and like it or not, if as it has been said, ALL women are feminists, including anti-feminists, why not include us?

Health Care For All=Black Reparations? Get a Grip, Beck

September 5, 2009

If African-Americans didn’t exist politicians and corporate America would have to invent them.Which is what they usually did.

Popeye cartoon

Popeye cartoon

Sleeping :coon:

Sleeping :coon:

Race antagonism has been the holy grail of politics since the founding of the nation and will probably remain so beyond the day that the sun sets on the American adventure. Blaming the “other” for society’s woes is the human condition and as American as apple pie. Sure, now and then groups other than Blacks are targeted to create cohesiveness within the “white” and “right” community: Mexicans, Chinese, foreigners, Bolsheviks have all been enlisted as poster children for the imminent destruction of (White) American values, but nothing succeeds at that job of dividing Americans against themselves as the people who arrived just after the first colonists, the alien Blacks from planet Welfare.

Political cartoon

Political cartoon

The right wing’s latest effort to re-package universal health care as reparations for Black slavery is just the latest in the effort to get Whites, who have the largest numbers and would be the greatest beneficiaries, to cut off their own noses to spite their face.

We all know them African-Americans have been looking for a handout since they landed at Plymouth Rock, then squandering  their time trifling on ol’ massa’s plantation instead of hoisting that bale.

Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck

We all know the Republican right allegedly hates government, unless, of course, they’re bleeding it dry with bailouts or partnering with it to bleed the taxpayer dry with over priced contracts, making a few of themselves rich in the process.  Their ideological objection to government often extends to their fundamentalist religious beliefs opposing any form of worker’s benefits, public schools, or social security benefits.  It has been famously said that they want to shrink the size of government until they can drown it it the bath tub.  What better way to accomplish the destruction of the New Deal and the social safety net than to racialize it?  Race in America trumps every other passion.  Break the “coalition” among the blue dog Dems, feminists and minorities and the Democratic party will be small enough to drown in the bath tub.

WH with Obama

WH with Obama

But back to the Beckian screed on black “reparations”. Whoa,  health care is a reparation?  According to Beck it’s part of a package that includes universal education and Black History Month!  Huh?!! (Duh, a**hole, Black history is American history, or didn’t you know that). Was HillaryCare a form of “reparations”? Well, health care  must be reparations  for white slavery because they would get it too; those who occupy the hills of West Virginia and the survivalist compounds of Utah and Idaho.  Perhaps it’s for reparations for Europeans and Whites in virtually every industrial country on the globe.  The Asians have even gotten into the reparations act by providing single payer or universal coverage to its citizens.

They must all be headed down the slippery slope to a commie black welfare state on planet Batshit.