Health Care For All=Black Reparations? Get a Grip, Beck

If African-Americans didn’t exist politicians and corporate America would have to invent them.Which is what they usually did.

Popeye cartoon

Popeye cartoon

Sleeping :coon:

Sleeping :coon:

Race antagonism has been the holy grail of politics since the founding of the nation and will probably remain so beyond the day that the sun sets on the American adventure. Blaming the “other” for society’s woes is the human condition and as American as apple pie. Sure, now and then groups other than Blacks are targeted to create cohesiveness within the “white” and “right” community: Mexicans, Chinese, foreigners, Bolsheviks have all been enlisted as poster children for the imminent destruction of (White) American values, but nothing succeeds at that job of dividing Americans against themselves as the people who arrived just after the first colonists, the alien Blacks from planet Welfare.

Political cartoon

Political cartoon

The right wing’s latest effort to re-package universal health care as reparations for Black slavery is just the latest in the effort to get Whites, who have the largest numbers and would be the greatest beneficiaries, to cut off their own noses to spite their face.

We all know them African-Americans have been looking for a handout since they landed at Plymouth Rock, then squandering  their time trifling on ol’ massa’s plantation instead of hoisting that bale.

Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck

We all know the Republican right allegedly hates government, unless, of course, they’re bleeding it dry with bailouts or partnering with it to bleed the taxpayer dry with over priced contracts, making a few of themselves rich in the process.  Their ideological objection to government often extends to their fundamentalist religious beliefs opposing any form of worker’s benefits, public schools, or social security benefits.  It has been famously said that they want to shrink the size of government until they can drown it it the bath tub.  What better way to accomplish the destruction of the New Deal and the social safety net than to racialize it?  Race in America trumps every other passion.  Break the “coalition” among the blue dog Dems, feminists and minorities and the Democratic party will be small enough to drown in the bath tub.

WH with Obama

WH with Obama

But back to the Beckian screed on black “reparations”. Whoa,  health care is a reparation?  According to Beck it’s part of a package that includes universal education and Black History Month!  Huh?!! (Duh, a**hole, Black history is American history, or didn’t you know that). Was HillaryCare a form of “reparations”? Well, health care  must be reparations  for white slavery because they would get it too; those who occupy the hills of West Virginia and the survivalist compounds of Utah and Idaho.  Perhaps it’s for reparations for Europeans and Whites in virtually every industrial country on the globe.  The Asians have even gotten into the reparations act by providing single payer or universal coverage to its citizens.

They must all be headed down the slippery slope to a commie black welfare state on planet Batshit.


2 Responses to Health Care For All=Black Reparations? Get a Grip, Beck

  1. spock says:

    There is always a lot of things that you read that you think are outrageous, then there is reading about Beck and his assertions. I don’t watch him and reading this validated my reason for staying away from this nutcase.

  2. Dead Girl says:

    PD ~ I am so sorry about this unholy garbage. But then, it is almost like I am glad this sewage is spewed openly. If a reasoning being gives it any thought at all, they should realize this is cartoonish ogrishness, and quite probably designed for shock and entertainment value. A grown pale male, talking like a damaged fool, is not representative of most of the rest of us of a non pigmented hue. So many are honestly sorry for all that has been done to people from Africa or of African descent, and many other peoples of color, in the name of laissez-faire commerce and nationalist expansionism.

    I have no idea how this will turn out for this sort of loose conspecific organization of geographically oriented families, governments, business of all sizes.

    Everyone is starting to talk now, wise and foolish alike. underneath it all, I feel a lot of manipulation. This feels like entropy-inertia. Is it a big wreck barreling down, or are we all just drafting each other, back and forth, hurtling to what?

    You have a great blog here, and touch on the very deep, and core, issues. Thank You, for sharing!

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