Alice Paul Fought For ERA–Fight For Her!

October 18, 2009
A friend of mine is trying to get congressional recognition for Alice Paul, the great suffragist and the woman who wrote and pushed for the Equal Rights Amendment.  Although she lived 92 years, it was just long enough to see her efforts brought to destruction by Phyllis Schlafley and her rabid band of anti-feminists.
People are working to get the ERA back on track.
Alice Paul

Alice Paul

Here’s a link to her biography and the history of the suffrage movement:
Read the message below and contact your congressperson to recognize this great woman with the congressional gold medal.
Please forward EVERYWHERE!
. . .
Did you know . . . The only right that the Constitution guarantees for women is the right to vote?!

Did you know . . . ERA STILL has NOT been ratified as a Constitutional Amendment because it is 3 states short of the 38 states needed? Is your state one of the 17 states that did not?

Did you know . . . Alice Paul drafted the Equal Rights Amendment?

Did you know . . .AlicePaul spearheaded the effort to pass the 19th Amendment and she was arrested for peaceably picketing the White House? Did you know she was imprisoned and tortured for her efforts?

Did you know . . .legislation as been introduced in the House of Representatives to award Alice Paul a Congressional Gold Medal but it still needs 159 more co-sponsors to move it out of the House? Is YOUR representative a co-sponsor? (You can look it up at Look under bill HR406, co-sponsors.)



THERE IS STILL TIME TO CAST A VOTE FOR ALICE PAUL ON THE NEW JERSEY HALL OF FAME WEBSITE! The New Jersey Hall of Fame today announced its 2010 nominees, including our girl, Alice Stokes Paul. The public can vote at from the list of 30 nominees rolled out today for the 3rd edition of the New Jersey Hall of Fame. The choices — 17 of whom are being nominated posthumously — emerged today from a pool of 200 and are coupled in groups of six under such categories as “historical,” “sports,” and “arts and entertainment.” The New Jersey Hall of Fame, a non-profit set up by law in 2005, is intended to hold up role models and inspire schoolchildren and enlists panels of experts to weigh in on the nominees, who face a vote on NJHallof through Nov. 20. The winners are to be announced later this fall. So, cast your vote now and let’s make sure that Alice Paul gets her name in the 2010 New Jersey Hall of Fame.



The Zero Percent Solution

October 18, 2009

I love women. I respect and admire them. I think it’s imperative that a representative percentage of them are running the government. If we want to change the direction of the nation and foster the needs of women and girls, more women must be on the ballot and more should be elected. This idea is best described as “The Thirty Percent Solution”.  In principle, every political woman supports this idea.

That being said, there is a movement afoot, promoted by the neo-conservative elements of the power structure, to pretend that voting for women-hating women accomplishes this goal. I suppose if one is a neo-conservative woman, voting for these women supports not only a female supportive agenda, but even more importantly, supports a pro-family or pro-patriotic program. Included in this list are a few of the Republican women who may be seeking elective office. Phyllis Schlafly’s conservative Eagle Forum may be supporting  many of them.Republican women

According to Right-Wing Watch, these are the major elements of Schlafly’s anti-feminist movement:

  • the fervent belief that America is at a tipping point between freedom and fascist power: President Obama and his congressional allies are on the verge of delivering America into Socialism, Communism, and/or Nazi-style tyranny, and that government is therefore to be feared and resisted
  • optimism that the tea bag movement and anti-health-reform town halls are a sign that Americans are prepared to resist that tyranny
  • extreme opposition to Democratic health care reform efforts, with some support for the congressional Republican alternative and some demands for a no-compromise approach that would involve ending all government involvement in health care, including Medicare
  • recent attacks on ACORN are just part of a larger effort to target progressive community organizing groups and their religious supporters and “defund the left”
  • hostility not only to same-sex marriage but also to any legal protections for LGBT Americans and same-sex couples
  • a continued merging of messaging and organizing among the Religious Right and “teabagger” right
  • a new push to use “abortion as black genocide” as a wedge between African Americans and pro-choice progressives built around a new “documentary” portraying abortion as 21st century genocide
  • American exceptionalism – the belief that America’s founding was divinely inspired and the nation has been uniquely blessed by God – is alive and well, though America is now living under a curse for having elected Barack Obama
  • activists don’t need a majority to take back America; if their minority or “remnant” is committed enough God will use them
  • the apparent passing (or grabbing) of the torch from Phyllis Schlafly to Janet Folger Port

Whether one agrees with any or all of these positions, they represent a trend.

Michele Bachmann

Michele Bachmann

Take Michele Bachmann, if you will.  The representative from Minnesota is making the rounds as a women’s candidate.  She’s being pushed like patent medicine by both allegedly pro and anti-feminist sides of the aisle. Since the next voting cycle 2010-2012  promises an unprecedented interest in the “women’s vote” the women’s vote is in play.  Right wingers are encouraging everyone to put aside bickering over the most divisive of issues: abortion.  Liberal women are being assured  that Roe v. Wade is not threatened-can’t be lost.  Conservatives are being told it is headed for the trash heap of history.  Which is correct? Is this really the critical issue?  I believe the real assault by conservatives will be against less high profile issues that nevertheless affect the well-being of women and girls.

phyllis schlafleyMichele Bachmann is rated at 100% by Phyllis Schlafley’s Eagle Forum, the group who killed the ERA and lesbian equality.  That means she opposes women’s equality. Naral gave her a 0% rating.

She voted against:

H.R. 1913, Hate Crime bill extending coverage based on sexual orientation.  She gets a 0% rating from the Human Rights Campaign.

She opposes campaign reform.

She voted for the stimulus bill but opposed an extension of federal unempolyment benefits.

She gets an 8% rating on animal rights issues.

Predictably, she opposes any legislation that would ease access to contraception of interruption of unwanted pregnancy.

She opposed the Lily Ledbetter Act.

She opposed the Fair Pay Act.

She voted with agricultural employers 100% of the time.

She voted with the national chambers of commerce 94% of the time.

Wildlife protection interests gave her a 0% rating.

Children’s Defense Fund rates her a 0%.

The list goes on. Perhaps you can put abortion aside, but can you put everything aside?

Maybe I don’t get it, but isn’t voting for this woman the same as voting for the establishment patriarchy? I’ll believe in the honesty of this vote for any woman idea when I see support of conservatives for women candidates of a more liberal bent.  So far, that hasn’t happened.

Obama Says “Get A Mop”, Complainers

October 18, 2009

Poor Obambi.  Where is the love these days for the Dear Leader?  Where’s the adulation? From Chicago to Oslo he’s getting the fat tomato. This must be tough to take for the do nothing, empty suit, Messiah cum president, who also did nothing of note at Harvard Law Review, the streets of Chicago, Chicago University, Illinois state senate or anywhere else, for that matter. His answer to his critics? “Get a mop”. Help me clean up after the other crooks; I want to make my own messes!

They paid HOW much to hear THAT?

He didn’t mention he hired the same people from the mess maker administration to run his government.

On Monday Obama, addressed a crowd of angry LGBT on the Washington Mall.  They asked, nay screamed, about his failure to fulfill his campaign promises on  DADT and DOMA.  His answer was: I’m with ya in spirit but ya just may have to wait until 2017 before I get around to ya. Right wing extremists must be accommodated, too.

Doesn’t he know, according to the Maya calender, the world will end in 2012?

There are tough love messages for “Leftist” agitators. The administration point man , Barney Frank, who apparently speaks homo better than the president, warned gays to pipe down;  complaining to Obama might annoy the very busy president, who might dig in his heels and do nothing.   No new message there.  Since the presidential primaries, when Obama’s surrogates told the “Bitter Knitter”, Hillary supporters to get with the program or take a hike, it’s been plain Obama doesn’t care what the Democrats who elected him want. He’s the president of the Republicans.

Lately, progressives from the single-payer, public option crowd have challenged Obama on comprehensive health care.  It is said he canceled public appearances to avoid protesters over Guantanamo and his beefed up Afghan war.The president has warned his loyalist critics to get out of his bi-partisan face while he hands over the keys to Joe Lieberman and Olympia Snowe. Rahm Emmanuel suggested that progressive bloggers should get out of their PJs and smell the strong Political Reality coffee.

Poor Obama. His mask is beginning to slip.  The most awesomist  Black man since Hannibal crossed the Alps is starting to get dissed.

What to do? Take the show on the road.

Find a Black audience (carefully salted with Whites). They’ll try to love him in spite of himself. Since they’re used to getting nothing but talk, they won’t know the difference.

How about Nawlins?  Why not stage a little boy asking ‘why does everybody hate you?’  The subtext of “racism” will be understood without further ado while playing the martyr. He can counsel patience, mock his critics, talk in riddles, commend the Negroes on their patience and perseverance, so much like his own half-baked Negritude, give Republican Governor, Bobby Jindal, a rousing intro in a public forum.  After a couple of hours Obama is back aboard Air Force One on his way to meet with his real peers at a $34,000/plate dinner in San Fransisco.

But maybe the stagecraft is beginning to fail.

Even with the Elmer Gantry style intonations and con man delivery, a few in the audience seem skeptical of his empty promises.

They should all get mops and sweep the phony back to Chicago.

PSSST…Liz Cheney Likes Torture

October 14, 2009
torture 6

torture 6

According to Liz and Dick, America can’t be safe unless it can torture at will.  Torture is good for America.  It’s the one government job Republicans don’t want to export. Are they pissed off because Obama has the foresight to keep a campaign promise and fob it off on our allies, the Egyptians and Saudi Arabians? If Liz and Dick are so proud of what he did why did they burn the session tapes? Isn’t prosecution a small price to pay for saving America?

Suffice it to say Liz is a dope. Jeb Bush/Liz Cheney in 2012, anyone?

See Liz Run

See Liz Run

Torture 2

Torture 2

The Cheneys and their organization “Keep America Safe” insist “enhanced interrogation” isn’t torture.  What goes on in CIA jails and dungeons is no more unpleasant than a Skull and Bones hazing. Water boarding is no worse than an extended tea party at the bottom of the swimming pool. It’s a three minute dip. Anyone can hold his breath that long. Abu Zabaydah did it 186 times and lived (for Cheney to tell about it).  I wonder if Liz would like to give it a try at Democratic Party headquarters. A psychologist, a physician and an Indian chief will be present in case things go too far. Former Bush Attorney, John Yoo, will provide a memo if things do.

Salon says:

torture 5

torture 5

In other words, bye-bye, Bill of Rights. This is a prescription for a police state, where not just the police but the Army can kick your door down without a warrant or probable cause, as long as the president says he’s fighting “terror.” If Barack Obama had solicited such an opinion from an obliging Justice Department lawyer because he wanted to sic the U.S. Army on a group of domestic terrorists, the right would be screaming about jackbooted federal thugs descending from black helicopters to haul off American citizens. Strangely, no conservatives have taken to the streets to warn us of the Big Government danger posed by this radical doctrine. Perhaps they are too busy mobilizing against the unspeakable socialist menace represented by Obama’s 3 percent increase in taxes on millionaires.

torture 1

torture 1

The only trouble is some people (the losers), such as the Japanese, have been hanged for it, if they did it to Americans. Here’s a visual history of the violent sport of water-boarding.   From the Medieval Dominican monks torturing heretics to American imperialists torturing Filipinos, every group deploying the technique has justified it as absolutely necessary to preserve or protect whatever they claimed needed preserving or protecting. Every State torturer says it is entitled to every tool at its disposal. The Nazis used that argument at Nuremburg, the furtherance of State interests.   Most, but not all, torture in secret, not only to protect their identities from future retribution, but to create State terror. That’s (one reason)why it’s banned.

torture 4

torture 4

And it’s not just water boarding.  It’s every horror known to man. As soon as water boarding is commonly believed to be NOT torture, nothing will be. As soon as it’s alright to break a foreign “terrorist” on the rack, “enemies domestic” won’t be far behind.

torture 3

torture 3

Fight Fixed! Wolf Awarded Prize! Peace Sheep Stunned!

October 9, 2009
Wolf wins prize

Wolf wins prize

I wish I could get someone to write my (crappy) speeches so I good win a prize.

Welcome to the Nobel Prize for Peace, 2009.

I pray the medicine, physics and literature Nobel winners weren’t undistinguished juveniles with great “potential”.

Thanks to Sweden’s star-struck Nobel Committee, Pretendident Barack Obama can now add the Junior-Junior Ignobel Hopium Peace Prize to his other unearned accolades.  I trust there’s still room on his White House mantel.  Let’s see… if  he  pushes back the Lincoln, FDR, and JFK trophies and moves Malcom X,  Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela a little to the left he can squeeze it in… next to the Presidency of the United States, Democratic Party leadership, and de facto sovereignty over the American Black community.  Sadly, the award, grand as it is, must fall beneath the shadow of HIS tall Messiah statuette.

Although Obama publicly acknowledged that he does not deserve even to sit in the company of previous winners, he humbly (for him) accepted, while promising that he would (continue to) do nothing to deserve it in the coming years of his administration.  YAY! He can now place this award next to arch fiend and murderer, Henry Kissinger’s, who also accepted the prize with astonishing hubris.

nobel peace prize clownMohandas Gandhi didn’t win a Peace Prize after a lifetime of Peace leadership, for freeing a nation!. That award was reserved for boy genius, Hope hustler, Barack Obama AT THE OUTSET OF HIS TERM, IN JANUARY, 2009. What were they (not) thinking?  Since then he’s abandoned Gay and women’s rights,handed the people’s Treasury to the banksters, ignored torture, vowed to detain more suspects indefinitelywithout trial, expanded a two- front war, attacked innocent people with drones, created more refugees, etc.  Were they hoping to tickle the sociopath into good behavior? Too late, that job’s been taken!



The Nobel Peace Prize is now officially worthless, a tin badge in a cereal box, a foil covered mint patty. Obama’s win has turned the king of international prizes into coinage so debased as to declare it counterfeit. He  has won the hope and change prize for dashing hope while remaining the same.  Why wasn’t George W. Bush a co-recipient? George Bush

When I heard that President Backtrack had been so honored, my jaw dropped, my head spun. It almost felt like the outrage of his outlandish, wasteful inauguration; a celebration of the specialness of HIM. I was embarrassed and furious again at the absurdity of predictable Obachatter and Obadoctrination among the blinkered, swooning masses, the paid-off media. After all, Obama the wolf discarded his sheep’s attire even before his official cannonization, back in September 2008, when he flip flopped on FISA and since then has paraded openly in his peau de loup for all to see.


The Vaccine Dilemma

October 7, 2009

Are American troops (once again) being used to run large scale drug trials for drug companies?  It would seem so. The military has virtually admitted as much.

vaccinemilitary1The Pentagon has bought 2.7 million vaccines, and 1.4 million of those will go to active duty military. National Guard troops on active duty are also required to receive the vaccine, as are civilian Defense Department employees who are in critical jobs.

As a result, the military is expected to provide health officials with an early assessment of the vaccine.

“Because I can compel people to get the shots, larger numbers will have the vaccine,” said Renuart, commander of U.S. Northern Command. “They will, as a percentage of the population, be vaccinated more rapidly than many of us. So we may see some objective results, good or not, of the vaccinations.”

Are they really sure what’s going on with these drugs, or not?

The nation is gearing up for a serious pandemic of A/H1N1 aka Swine Flu.  Hundreds of millions doses of various flu vaccines and therapies such as Tamiflu and the attenuated viral nasal application”FluMist”are on the market, widely distributed by governmental and private sources. These products have been “fast tracked” through the FDA by the Departments of Defense and Health and Human Services. “Fast tracking” does not mean that the drug in question has completed its required trials, but that it has met certain preconditions for approval. Clinical trials, designated I-II-III represent increasing numbers of test subjects that will be administered the drug. Phase III trials for Tamiflu and related competing drugs apparently included around 1,000 test subjects for short term responses.  I’m not an expert, but long term outcomes don’t seem to be part of fast track trials.

Squalene adjuvant

Squalene adjuvant

Military Iraqi designates are administered required doses of subcutaneous and intramuscular injections of Avian flu vaccine, multiple doses of Anthrax vaccines and poison gas antidotes, most of which contain adjuvants such as squalene — not FDA approved — and pyridostigmine bromide implicated along with depleted uranium exposure, and multiple vaccinations, etc. as Gulf War Syndrome contributors.

The U.S. military are test subjects for every drug and vaccine that comes down the pike. They have made perfect, obedient, young, healthy and numerous test subjects for plutonium and radiation studies, Agent Orange and other dioxins and mycoplasma exposures.

The U.S. is promising to share the vaccine largess with the rest of the world, especially the third world.

This blogger, Socio-Economics, History Blog sums up much of the alarm around big pharma and its vaccine programs:

The US vaccines would be made available to countries through the World Health Organization (WHO), recognizing that “diseases know no borders, and the health of the American people is inseparable from the health of people around the world,” the White House said.

Bullshit! If the U.S. cared about “the health of people around the world” it would be providing serious money (even just a small fraction of its military budget) for anti-malarial programs, access to safe drinking water, etc.

(Yes, a really cogent point that should be more thoroughly examined. )

Baxter lost control of its experimental virus H3N2 during a shipment to a subcontractor in the Czech Republic.  If H1N1 and H2N3 are simultaneously administered the human body can serve as an incubator for a mutant viral strain and a pandemic.

This is not the first time that vaccine companies have been caught distributing vaccines contaminated with deadly viruses. In 2006 it was revealed that Bayer Corporation had discovered that their injection drug, which was used by hemophiliacs, was contaminated with the HIV virus. Internal documents prove that after they positively knew that the drug was contaminated, they took it off the U.S. market only to dump it on the European, Asian and Latin American markets, knowingly exposing thousands, most of them children, to the live HIV virus. Government officials in France went to prison for allowing the drug to be distributed. The documents show that the FDA colluded with Bayer to cover-up the scandal and allowed the deadly drug to be distributed globally. No Bayer executives ever faced arrest or prosecution in the United States.

Considering the long history of official dissimulation around human experimentation, I think I too have become a “conspiracy theorist.”