Obama Says “Get A Mop”, Complainers

Poor Obambi.  Where is the love these days for the Dear Leader?  Where’s the adulation? From Chicago to Oslo he’s getting the fat tomato. This must be tough to take for the do nothing, empty suit, Messiah cum president, who also did nothing of note at Harvard Law Review, the streets of Chicago, Chicago University, Illinois state senate or anywhere else, for that matter. His answer to his critics? “Get a mop”. Help me clean up after the other crooks; I want to make my own messes!

They paid HOW much to hear THAT?

He didn’t mention he hired the same people from the mess maker administration to run his government.

On Monday Obama, addressed a crowd of angry LGBT on the Washington Mall.  They asked, nay screamed, about his failure to fulfill his campaign promises on  DADT and DOMA.  His answer was: I’m with ya in spirit but ya just may have to wait until 2017 before I get around to ya. Right wing extremists must be accommodated, too.

Doesn’t he know, according to the Maya calender, the world will end in 2012?

There are tough love messages for “Leftist” agitators. The administration point man , Barney Frank, who apparently speaks homo better than the president, warned gays to pipe down;  complaining to Obama might annoy the very busy president, who might dig in his heels and do nothing.   No new message there.  Since the presidential primaries, when Obama’s surrogates told the “Bitter Knitter”, Hillary supporters to get with the program or take a hike, it’s been plain Obama doesn’t care what the Democrats who elected him want. He’s the president of the Republicans.

Lately, progressives from the single-payer, public option crowd have challenged Obama on comprehensive health care.  It is said he canceled public appearances to avoid protesters over Guantanamo and his beefed up Afghan war.The president has warned his loyalist critics to get out of his bi-partisan face while he hands over the keys to Joe Lieberman and Olympia Snowe. Rahm Emmanuel suggested that progressive bloggers should get out of their PJs and smell the strong Political Reality coffee.

Poor Obama. His mask is beginning to slip.  The most awesomist  Black man since Hannibal crossed the Alps is starting to get dissed.

What to do? Take the show on the road.

Find a Black audience (carefully salted with Whites). They’ll try to love him in spite of himself. Since they’re used to getting nothing but talk, they won’t know the difference.

How about Nawlins?  Why not stage a little boy asking ‘why does everybody hate you?’  The subtext of “racism” will be understood without further ado while playing the martyr. He can counsel patience, mock his critics, talk in riddles, commend the Negroes on their patience and perseverance, so much like his own half-baked Negritude, give Republican Governor, Bobby Jindal, a rousing intro in a public forum.  After a couple of hours Obama is back aboard Air Force One on his way to meet with his real peers at a $34,000/plate dinner in San Fransisco.

But maybe the stagecraft is beginning to fail.

Even with the Elmer Gantry style intonations and con man delivery, a few in the audience seem skeptical of his empty promises.

They should all get mops and sweep the phony back to Chicago.


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