Are Teabaggers Really Radicals?

President Barack Obama’s hand wringing and pathetic surrender to  Right Wing Republicans (aren’t they all Right Wing?) and Tea Party demonstrators might suggest that the Tea Bagger political astro-turf movement is a force to be reckoned with.  Maybe they are, but it’s sheer absurdity that anyone would believe these Glenn Beck and Faux News groupies are radicals.  Sure, they throw around fighting words like fascist, communist, socialist, and always confuse or conflate their meanings until the words become meaningless.

At Tea Bagger gatherings some of the protest signage suggests  Baggers want to take back -read overthrow- by any means necessary, (sorry Malcom X) the  current “Marxist” administration (the previous one was fine woth them) and its allegedly Islamo-fascist, Stalin wanna-be dictator, Obama.  Dumping Obama side-kick, “Madame Mao” House Speaker Pelosi, would be gravy on the potatoes.  What ruffians!! What patriots!!  Heaven forbid anyone should pay taxes.

Baggers have adopted some of the street theater of the 1960s, but the resemblance to that era ends there.  They are a two issue “movement”: more guns, less taxes. Period.

I came upon this article in AlterNet by Alexander Zaitchik.  He posits:

Where Did David Brooks Get the Bizarre Idea That the Tea Party Crowd Resembles ’60s Movements?

He points out:

The Tea Partiers, it is becoming fashionable to argue, are the heirs not just of the John Birch Society and the young Barry Goldwater, but also of Students for a Democratic Society and the young Abbie Hoffman.

Zaitchik easily debunks the notion, finding no factual basis for such a claim.

A real test of the Tea Bagger’s threat to the “system”,  as opposed to those of the actual 1960’s radicals changing  the American values, can be visualized in this comparative photo diary.

Let’s take a look at actual history:

Anti-Viet Nam War Protest

Black civil rights protest

police dog attacks civil rights demonstrator

A nice day on the Mall.  Not a bayonet in sight, unless the 2nd amendment crowd is carrying arms. Where are the police dogs and water hoses?

Tea Party Protests Obama administration "socialism"

How about these protests?

anti-Dick Cheney protest

protest at Chicago Democratic convention 1968

Tea Party protest

Where are the police?  The national guard troops? Where are the jack booted administration thugs? I don’t think I see any.  Where are the arrests at the Tea Bagger rally?  These people are obviously suffering, deprived of opportunities and well-earned comforts!

Kent State Massacre after war protest

Plenty of police here, bullets, billy clubs, dead protesters.

Orangeburg Black student massacre after civil rights protest

"Single payer" health care protester dragged away

Single payer" protester arrested

Baggers exercise 1st amendment right to compare Obama to fascists and communists

Gay protesters at "Stonewall" New York

suffragists arrested demanding the vote

I’m seeing a pattern here.

Surely, the evil government and the “system” want this Bagger radicalism stopped! Not!! Not even close.

Tea Bag Radicals?????  Any time protesters for single payer health care are hauled off and Tea Baggers can come to a protest with unconcealed weapons and threaten the life of a sitting president without police push-back, that must tell you something. Viva la protest!

Tea Baggers taking back America one tea bag at a time.


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