Obama Tells Israel : I Am Your Howdy Doody Bitch!!

Howdy, President Rahm and the "crew"

Today Israel told Obama to go f*ck himself. Again.

Israel lifts ban on snack foods, spices for Gaza in effort to defuse outcry over flotilla raid

Right in front of Fatah puppet Mahmoud Abbas and the whole world.

Mr. President, why are these items banned?  Is clean drinking water also a threat to Israel’s security?  Did you ask your boss?
Michael Oren, Israeli amBOSSador to the U.S., tolerated Obama’s pitiful effort to save face with the civilized world, requesting Israel to lighten up on the Gaza “blockage” and allow in some humanitarian goods.

Oren agreed to chat with Obama on behalf of the very busy Israeli Prime Minister.  Obama assured Oren that Israel would not be asked to apologize for the nine murders aboard the MV Mavi Marava, or anything else, until the messiah comes.  But he promised to get get tough with Washington reporter, Helen Thomas, for her brazen conduct.

It’s like Mr. Bluster Took Over Doodyville

HOWDY DOODY like when Howdy ran for President of all the Kids in 2008.

Israel attacks Gaza "Operation Cast Lead"

Israel offered some concessions to their Gaza prison population after tough Obama arm twisting.

Israel announced it would allow in potato chips, cookies, spices and other previously banned food items into the Gaza Strip, a step Oren said was meant in a spirit of cooperation.

“Yes, we have allowed some chocolate and other snacks through today, but Hamas has rejected them,” Oren said. “They rejected our chocolate.”

dont forget

soda, juice, jam,  shaving cream, potato chips, cookies and candy were now permitted.

He said Israel rebuffed Palestinian requests for construction goods, raw materials for factories to operate and medical devices.

Couldn’t Obama tell that he was being spoofed?  On international television no less?

Obama and Israeli ambassador

Obama  said the $400 million aid package (mostly already committed) directed to the occupied territories and Gaza, was designed to get things going so Gazans could “open businesses”.

Mr. President, Gazans aren’t Republicans.

Hmmm, what businesses can Gazans open under a total Israeli blockade?  Perhaps a Subway or a Popeye’s chicken restaurant.  He was vague on this point.  The Palestinians need to think outside the box on this.

Gazans will certainly want to join Abbas’ ass-wipe Fatah organization after this performance.

After Obama reiterated that he was Israel’s bitch and offered a BJ, he suggested that maybe Israel could “curb” settlement building and land confiscation which was pretty weird since Netanyahu already called knucklehead Veep Joe Biden to say “nuts to that” before demanding more  U.S.  taxpayer moolah for more settlements and more U.S. rockets to protect them.

What do you bet the concrete on the  seized vessel Mavi Marava went straight to some Beit-Ur-Booty orthodox settlement to build a new Israeli apartment block.  How about all of those computers, cameras, medical supplies, nutritious food stuffs ?  Yup, you got it.

Still Obama wanted to give the appearance like maybe he is the most powerful man in the world so he told Abbas to knock off inciting Israel.

Obama hopes that soon Israel and the Palestinians will begin direct talks.  Right.  What the f*ck will they have to talk about!


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