Black People: Obama Is Just Not That Into You

March 8, 2010

African-Americans have a penchant for unrequited love  bordering on self-delusion when it comes to prominent or powerful Black male figures. I say Black male figures because I haven’t seen this corresponding tendency applied to errant Black females.  Quite the contrary. Usually, a sista can’t catch a break. Some of these men, whose sociopathic or anti-social actions are justified and defended by the Black masses against the outside (White) world have a sorry history of at least distancing themselves from, if not disrespecting the very people who give all of their love and support to a “partner” (read-a bad boy user who also happens to be Black) in exchange for a kick to the belly and a smack to the chops.  This propensity is dysfunctional in a relationship but, in the case where there is no relationship and the  “love object” wants nothing to do with them, downright pathetic.

A few examples that come randomly to mind:

Tiger Woods.

Tiger Woods

Woods once told Oprah Winfrey that as a child he had decided he was “Cablinasian” — a mixture of Caucasian, black, American Indian and Asian. His mother Kutilda is from Thailand, his father is an American of multiple ethnic backgrounds.

Black people I know refer to Tiger as a great “Black” golfer. Apparently, Tiger didn’t get the memo. He feels the need to subdivide his father’s race into White, Indian and Black to feel comfortable.  Doesn’t he know having a racially mixed genetic heritage is as common as dirt in the USA and does not necessarily improve one’s standing with the dominant group? You can be sure, on the segregated courses of Augusta, Georgia nobody asked if pops had some White blood.

Most Black people didn’t give a hoot about golf until Tiger came along.  Tiger returns the embrace by having nothing to do with Black people and their causes.  It’s clear, for all his peccadilloes,  Tiger has zero interest in Black women… so why the indignation over his self-immolation?  Why not wrap our big black arms around the terrific Williams sisters, for instance, tennis stars that still reside in Compton, for crying out loud? Let the “brother” go, he’s not that into you.

O.J. Simpson.

Did it really matter if he did it? I doubt it.  Some people would have voted “not guilty” if they had watched him do it on video tape.  The issue was always to get behind the “brother”, no matter what.  Would it have mattered if the victims were his Black wife and her good friend?  I doubt it.  Except in that instance I wonder if the case would have made it to trial.

It’s too bad for Simpson that a new and very potent love drug was available by the time he was arrested for theft and brandishing a gun or whatever.  The Black public had lost interest, they had Barack Obama. Hardly a whimper was heard as O.J. was shuttled off to the penitentiary for the rest of his natural life.  Well, he was really never into you, either.

SCJ Clarence Thomas.

No more egregious case can be made for dysfunctional racial love  than this man.  His entire career has consisted of Uncle Tom-ing, from his clerking with  racist Missouri Senator Danforth to his nomination by GHW Bush to take the “Thurgood Marshall seat” on the Supreme Court.

Anita Hill

I personally recall the vociferous popular divisions over the appointment of this mediocre sell-out, married to a lobbyist for Dick Armey, when he declared that he was the victim of a “legal lynching” for having to answer questions regarding the sexual harassment of professor Anita Hill (wasn’t she a “bitch” to air the dirty laundry?). Who can forget this ridiculous rant? From the same Wiki article:

This is not an opportunity to talk about difficult matters privately or in a closed environment. This is a circus. It’s a national disgrace. And from my standpoint, as a black American, it is a high-tech lynching for uppity blacks who in any way deign to think for themselves, to do for themselves, to have different ideas, and it is a message that unless you kowtow to an old order, this is what will happen to you. You will be lynched, destroyed, caricatured by a committee of the U.S. Senate rather than hung from a tree.
Oh, pleeeeeeze!!!!

Until that moment Thomas couldn’t have run fast enough to shed his Black identity and re-configure Black history to suit himself.

I remember being shocked (considering Thomas’ record) at the breakdown of supporters and objectors at his senate confirmation hearing: White conservatives, Black men and women for Thomas and virulently against Anita Hill (wasn’t she a bitch?).  White liberals and women against his confirmation.  Amazing.  Well, Black folks saved the “brother” and they will have Hell to pay for another generation.

I thought I would hear some regret about Thomas from the Black chorus, now that he’s proved himself to be one of the worst anti-Black bigots ever to mar a seat on the Court..  But no, our disappointment will be a secret, we have to cover for the “brother”. Release him, he is definitely not into you.

Barack Obama with Rick Warren

Last, but certainly not least, how about President Barack Obama? Ummmmm. I want me some of that Black president! Is he enigmatic, or what? And I don’t mean enigmatic in a good way.

Since his beginning the world has been Obama’s oyster:  fancy private schools, from middle school to Harvard, allegedly on scholarship. Every opportunity has been foisted upon him, like it or not, and he has been free to choose between a cornucopia of opportunities, selecting the best and most lucrative with the aid of a White power structure that bent over backward to give this racial and political chameleon rewards that even more deserving Blacks could never hope to receive.  With little personal effort his career has been almost  magical (despite his rhetoric he was always a “safe”, even passive Negro) He had his proxies declare that liberal Democrats who opposed him were racists while he decried the “racist” charges, keeping his hands clean.  On MLK day 2008 he alone was able to go to Indianapolis and pretended to be Bobby Kennedy, to show the white folks he could keep a lid on Black anger, while promising nothing. Finally, a conservative political figure who could ignore the Black and progressive agendas and by virtue of rhetoric and skin color alone reaping no negative consequences.

He has dared to tell us Ronald Reagan was right, that Reagan’s monstrous, profligate, corrupt government was successful,that we need to curb the “excesses” of the 1960’s.  Has he forgotten, this self-proclaimed son of the civil rights movement (whatever that means), that the “excesses of the 1960’s” made his candidacy possible?

Obama made us think we had arrived by virtue of his arrival.  Well, the truth is out. After 14 months in office it is clear that Obama will steer clear of Black demands and appear with us only to showcase a demeaning and public lecture on our shortcomings, failures. O.K., tough love, you say, for “his” people, chiding them for errors no one else can.  But where’s the tough love for his other peers, banksters, and torturers, warmongers and war profiteers?  Would he dare to chide his “other” people, the White ones, for the same things? Obama will tell you he has no agenda for Black people, he is the President of the United States and therefore can’t address our particular needs, even though White presidents such as FDR, Truman, Eisenhower, and others have done it, so, i.e., Danny Glover, kiss my a$$.

In these ways he will sink all boats, especially, the little Black dinghy drifting in the hurricane:

1. Hundreds of billions for zombie banks and financial squids.  Very little on the table for financial reform.  Many Blacks are included among those who’ve lost their homes to predatory lending and inflated asset prices.

2. Continuation and expansion of multi-front unjust, imperial wars against “terrorists”.  Nation busting, nation building, on and on, forever.  A trillion dollar expenditure every year for the military industrial complex. Generally, Black people disapprove of foreign debacles, unless of course, a Black president is pursuing them. No nation can spend a trillion dollars per year without a catastrophic financial collapse.

3. Health care that contains no public option.  An expensive, mandated insurance buy-in that will crush working people without delivering actual health care. Obama, himself, discarded the public option.  Subsidies for ever-increasing premium can’t possibly keep pace.

4. Jobs.  Obama’s feeble $15 billion jobs bill/tax credit suspending the payroll tax for new hires won’t do much for furthering employment. The stimulus bill of 2008 will do little to address the structural failure and employment decline.  A Black jobs summit, held behind closed doors, most likely because the summiteers were Black.  What will it amount to?

5. So far, Obama has done little or nothing to encourage unionization, even though unions were part of the bed rock of his support, and unions have been the path to upward mobility for blue collar folk.

6. Education, which Obama claims can overcome Black structural unemployment.  And yet his program “race to the top” continues to privatize education, creating a class structure of charter schools that will favor Black people of his class instead, drawing off the best and better off without improving education for all.  If you think the public schools are bad now they will only get worse when the difficult and lower class children are left behind.

7.  Climate change and green jobs efforts that underwhelm even the cynics.  It will be nice having houses weatherized but that won’t fix unemployment or climate change.

He could do something to lift ALL boats but he isn’t into the little guy and he sure is not into you, Black folks.  Why should he do for Blacks? Wouldn’t you still be into him even if you saw the “brother” commit a murder on videotape?