Obama’s Black “Zombie” Voters

June 17, 2010

Zombie Voters

“Obama wanted us to vote for her”.

Where was the Zombie Survival Guide for Arkansas???

Arkansas senator Blanche Lincoln’s narrow win in the June 9th primary runoff against progressive candidate, Bill Halter, could be chalked up, in part,  to the Black voters of the state.  Lincoln did well in high percentage Black precincts.

Comprising about 16% of the voters, and not usually a significant factor in electoral politics, this time the Black block was quadruple teamed by the White House, Clinton, and both Obamas.  You’d think Lincoln was actually a supporter of the alleged Obama/Democratic social agenda.  Secretly, Lincoln does Obama’s dirty work, kneecapping the legislation he claims to want.

Unions worked hard to defeat senator Lincoln, whom they wanted to punish for her obstructionism on the health care public option, opposition to “card check” which would have eased unionization procedures,

SEIU, which has only 1,000 members in the state, spent more than $1.5 million, including a $1 million television buy, Youngdahl said. The national AFL-CIO spent $3 million or more on Halter’s behalf, spokesman Eddie Vale said.

and failure to move forward on settlement of the longstanding Black Farmer’s lawsuit. Then again, Obama doesn’t support any of these issues, either, except with lip service:

“The president made a strong commitment to show leadership to get this done, and basically we haven’t seen him show that leadership,” said John Boyd Jr., head of the National Black Farmers Association.

“The president didn’t help us finish the job,” Boyd said.

Although the NAACP has plenty of shortcomings, at least it gave some push back to the Great Black Messiah.

The Arkansas NAACP gave Lincoln a grade of ‘F’ for her failure, among other things, to put forward any Blacks for judicial bench.

No matter.

President (Sorta Black) Obama told them to vote for their enemy, and they did. Arghhhhhh (Head thump).  He targeted the Black community with his special secret message.  Obama knew the Black vote was in the can.

Yvonne Thomas admits she went to the polls not having much of a sense about the candidates.

What she did know, and what turned out to be the only thing that mattered in her decision to cast her ballot for the embattled incumbent Blanche Lincoln, was this: “Obama wanted us to vote for her,” said Thomas, who is African American.

Obama said a lot of baloney during the campaign to get himself elected.  Now the world is waking up to the phony baloney. Except for the Black voter.  Apparently, Obama pushes F7 on his computer and the Black community starts walking.

I suppose the Black zombie voter thinks it’s still 2008 .

Blanche Lincoln's Black Supporters