Obama’s “Friend” Rick Warren Plays with AIDS-HIV Fire

January 9, 2009

For all of you “progressive” Obama apologists and LGBT Obama enthusiasts, below is an article by Max Blumenthal, writing yesterday from The Daily Beast, about  conservative Saddleback Pastor Rick Warren. The pastor the President-Elect has selected to deliver a prayer at the presidential inaugural on January 20th is  far worse than some of us ever guessed.  Before you read it, here is a snapshot:

President-Elect Barak Obama has referred to Pastor Warren’s work combating AIDS-HIV in Africa as a stellar accomplishment uniting the two powerful men in Warren’s “purpose driven” causes. Few details surrounding Warren’s AIDS outreach have been disclosed by the MSM but the information revealed in Mr. Blumenthal’s coverage are eye-opening. Mr. Warren is described as promoting an all-abstinence campaign with the help of Ugandan officials which was funded with earmarks from the Republican controlled congress to the tune of $200 million. The burning of condoms and the all-abstinence campaign have actually RAISED the AIDS-HIV rate, especially among women.

As part of the Christian anti-AIDS-HIV campaign, gay activists had their pictures and home addresses published on the internet and many were forced into hiding. There is much more to be disgusted and shocked about in this story.

Pastor Warren has described himself as “not homophopic”, sufficiently gay-friendly to have the sodomites and lezzies over to his house to eat a fattening meal. Melissa Etheridge, well-known lesbian recording artist, swallowed this Obama-Warren hockum and spewed it back out for consumption in the LGBT community. She was rightly criticized for her astonishingly naive, Kool-Aide inspired shout-out on Warren’s behalf. The LGBT community has raised concerns about Obama’s Rick Warren pick, but so far NOTHING much in the way of protest has come from the women’s activist community. Nothing, nada in protest has come from Nancy Pelosi, part of the Obama inaugural committee, Speaker of the House of Representatives and congresswoman from California’s 8th district, with one of the largest gay constituencies in the nation.