Don’t Ask Don’t Tell

September 24, 2010

Q: Why are Democrats and Republicans fighting so hard over the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell?

  1. Opposing it’s repeal gives Republicans their bonafides.
  2. Supporting it’s repeal gives Democrats their bonafides.
  3. Opposing it’s repeal delivers votes to Republicans.
  4. Supporting it’s repeal delivers votes to Democrats.
  5. Supporting it’s repeal delivers LGBT money to Democrats.
  6. Opposing it’s repeal brings fundie money to Republicans
  7. Because it’s oh so good for both parties at election time.

January 27, 2010  State of the Union speech.

September 21, CNN

White House ‘disappointed’ with vote on ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’

The White House is “disappointed” at the Senate vote blocking the repeal of the military’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy, “but we’ll keep trying,” spokesman Robert Gibbs said Tuesday.

September 23, CNN

White House objects to ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ injunction

Obama administration objects to federal judge issuing injunction to stop implementation of “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy after her ruling that it was unconstitutional. The government argues the proposed injunction is “untenable,” too wide in scope and would cause harm to the military.

September 23.  Google search on Don’t Ask Don’t Tell unequivocally illuminates the president’s position on DADT.

Q: When will Don’t Ask Don’t Tell finally be resolved?

  1. When pigs fly.
  2. When a snowball is crowned prom king in hell.
  3. When Obama passes a lie detector test.
  4. When Dick Cheney tells us what really happened on 9/11.
  5. When Nancy Pelosi falls out of love with Obama.
  6. When Chris Matthews falls out of love with Obama.
  7. The sun will come out tomorrow; bet your bottom dollar that the sun will come out, tomorrow.
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Miranda Rights v. Barack H. Obama

July 2, 2010

What the hell is Barack Obama thinking?  Not so long ago he was perfidiously quick to file an Amicus brief supporting the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) while professing a fierce support for LGBT equality. LGBT voters under the bus.

Nothing has changed.  The White House has produced another perplexing Amicus brief in the Supreme Court’s Miranda warnings appeal, Berghuis v. Thompkins. The White House has thrown its support to  limits on criminal suspects remaining silent during police interrogations.  A whole host of protections against self-incrimination and right to counsel have been swept aside in this decision.  Blacks and Hispanics, far over-represented in the populations of the unfairly arrested, convicted, and imprisoned, will bear the brunt of this outcome.  For Obama, this assault on Miranda was simply collateral damage within the larger context of his political ambition.   SC Justice Sotomayor, who has not forgotten her roots, wrote a powerful dissent to the Thompkins decision.  Was Obama too afraid to challenge the pro-cop faction of the Faux News “nation” after last year’s racist onslaught  accompanying the arrest of  Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates?

Right wing activists have long sought to undo Miranda, never accepting it as settled law.  The  conservative Supreme Court has worked assiduously to narrow the rights of criminal suspects and defendants.  “Terror” scares, or so-called Miranda rights for terrorists, has finally given them the justification they needed.  They have chosen a fine time , under the auspices of one of the weakest and most non-ideological administrations in history, to pull off a heist of civil liberties.  Poor Obama doesn’t want to seem “soft” on terror or miss an opportunity to mollify his “enemies”. So, our president is making a change that will satisfy his critics.

presidential adviser David Axelrod told CNN that the (president’s) focus is on expanding the “public safety exception” that allows a delay in administering” Miranda rights.

Why, if “terror” suspects can be legally or extra-legally TORTURED, HELD INDEFINITELY WITHOUT CHARGE or TRIAL, WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE  TO THE RAGING RIGHT WING NUTS IF THESE “SUSPECTS” RECEIVE MIRANDA WARNINGS OR NOT?  Isn’t this terror concern just a red herring for curtailing domestic rights?

Most of the TEA Party crowd doesn’t give a hoot about any suspect’s constitutional rights, or any other constitutional protection that doesn’t involve bearing arms.

But Obama, Mr. progressive constitutional lawyer, caved to the neo-cons.  Natch.

Obama’s capitulations, just the most  recent being Miranda rights, will not endear him to the lunatic fringe of the erstwhile Republican party. The more his proto-fascist ideas resemble theirs the more they will refer to him as the vilest “leftist” politician America has yet produced. By the end of President Obama’s “progressive” administration, who knows how far America will have moved toward the Orwellian national security state that neo-cons have so long desired.

Now, that’s change we can believe in.

Obama’s Gay Problem And The Religious Right

May 29, 2009

Writer Maya Angelou famously said : “If someone tells you who he is, believe him.”

This  common sense observation is  usually ignored in the arenas of  love and politics. It applies to no one more  than political chameleon and all-around love god, Barack Obama. BHObamania

We should believe Barack Obama because he has resoundingly  informed us  of what he is: bully, cheater, liar, misogynist, homophobe, manipulator, deceiver, opportunist, cynic, torturer, war-monger, corporatist, globalist.

He also has shouted  through a bullhorn what he is not: progressive, inclusive, liberal, committed, decent, principled, honest, christian, muslim, socialist, feminist, LGBT friendly, environmental activist.

Obama and the democratic party want to break up the social issues constituencies of the fragmented 1960s and settle them into a homogenized, vaguely moderate, hopey-dopey sing-a-long chorus concerned with main stream economic issues and suburban consumerism.  Ain’t gonna happen.

No on Prop 8 protest

No on Prop 8 protest

Since the California Supreme Court upheld the marriage rights busting constitutional amendment, Proposition 8, Obama’s Obamachatter propaganda site, The Huffington Post, has rushed to defend Dear Leader from his critics, repeating the false meme that Obama and Co. are interested in championing their constituents’ rights or fulfilling their campaign promises.

Lincoln Mitchell has hurried to place the blame for Proposition 8 squarely where it doesn’t belong, on 6 of 7 of the court’s Republican gubernatorial appointees. On its face this apologia is absurd as the same court, by a simple majority, recently overturned the marriage equality restrictions of Proposition 22.  The difference in the two outcomes probably has more to do with the religious right’s vocal threat to oust the jurists if they overturned the proposition, than any ideological stand on the issue.

This week, California showed us the judicial past where courts dominated by conservatives, unrepresentative of the people for whom they are determining laws, restrict constitutional rights. Judge Sotomayor and President Obama showed us the future. The Republicans must be aware of this too, but their desperation to try to stop this progress is already showing.


HB fundraiser

BH fundraiser

However, in the same issue, an article by Jason Linkins, revealed in New York Times coverage, the real Obama, at a Beverly Hills fundraiser, last night:

a gaggle of sign-waving protesters milled around outside The Beverly Hilton, the sprawling hotel on Wilshire Boulevard. They must have caught the president’s eye when he arrived at the hotel from an earlier stop in Las Vegas because he relayed one of their messages to the crowd.

The Obareporter seemed here to titter along with Dear Leader,

“One of them said, “Obama keep your promise,’ ” the president said. “I thought that’s fair. I don’t know which promise he was talking about.

Hehehe.  Yeah, all politicians are cynical and two-faced but the calculation and public nature of Obama’s falsehoods must be unprecedented in modern politics.

The people in the audience (“gay friendly” fauxgressives?) – who paid $30,400 per couple to attend – laughed as they ate a dinner of roasted tenderloin, grilled organic chicken and sun choke rosemary mashed potatoes.

It’s easy to forget that as recently as June 28, 2008, while campaigning for candidate Obama, his wife Michelle said this in front of a large group of enthusiastic and well off gays:

….she used the phrase, “from Selma to Stonewall,” to connect the gay and civil rights movements.

Oy! Oy! OY!

continuing with the article:

….and his call as a U.S. Senator for a complete repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act, which prohibits federal recognition of same-sex marriages and relieves states of any obligation to recognize same-sex marriages performed in other states.

If elected, Obama said that her husband would reverse laws such as DOMA, end the prohibition against gays and lesbians serving openly in the military, advance stalled legislation to protect the LGBT community against hate crimes and workplace discrimination, and work to achieve equal rights for gay and lesbian families.

“Barack has made crystal clear his commitment to ensuring full equality for LGBT couples,” she said. “That’s why he supports robust civil unions. That is why he has said that the federal government should not stand in the way of the states that want to decide for themselves how best to pursue equality for gay and lesbian couples, whether that means domestic partnerships, civil unions or civil marriage.” She noted his opposition to the November ballot initiative in California that would overturn the recent court ruling legalizing same-sex marriage in the state.

No applause now.  No need here to go into the depravity of Obama’s painfully “nuanced” sell-out  positions on choice, (abortion), women’s rights, LGBT rights, but evidently, the desire to be in Obie’s inner circle obviates all rational assessment of of his no position positions and cynical duplicity.

One must be vigilent 24/7 to keep up with the Obie cynicism machine.

It’s no secret that Obama made deals with the right wing Christian oligarchy to get elected.  It’s also no secret that he courted the same groups and placed them in positions of power and influence, appointing, James Dobson (Focus on the Family) follower Joshua DuBois to head a revitalized Bush era religious council with his new Council for Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships.  He also hired John DiIulio, as second in command, and a top professional in Bush’s religious outreach.  But this ugly scheme was way worse than it seemed although the Obie religious spokesmen were gushing

“In President Obama, you have somebody who is not only religiously knowledgeable, thoughtful, open and sensitive himself,” said Rabbi David Saperstein, head of the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism and a critic of the Bush faith-based office. “You also have somebody who understands constitutional law….”

OK.  He knows about constitutional law, he just doesn’t care about it.

Obama and Warren

Obama and Warren

The really interesting insight into Obama’s unprincipled nature comes from Max Blumenthal (the same Blumenthal who outed Rick Warren’s Africa HIV/AIDS scam in The Daily Beast) writing July 8, 2008, this time for The Nation:

Obama has made a major effort to woo evangelicals, but at what cost to church-state separation?

On June 10, presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Sen. Barack Obama convened a meeting in a law office in downtown Chicago with a wide array of about thirty evangelical leaders, in an unprecedented effort to win their support. Obama insisted that the meeting remain entirely off the record, forbidding participants from disclosing his statements to the press. His campaign has kept the names of attendees a closely guarded secret. But through interviews with participants and overlooked statements in obscure publications of the Christian press, a first-hand picture of the meeting emerges, starkly at odds with the news reports that accepted the formal version at face value.

Where was the MSM on this coverage?  From the article:

Franklin Graham, son of the evangelical icon Billy Graham and head of the international Christian aid organization Samaritan’s Purse, was seated next to Obama at the meeting. He peppered Obama with pointed questions, repeatedly demanding to know if the senator believed that “Jesus was the way to God or merely a way.” Graham, who once incited an international controversy by calling Islam a “very evil and wicked religion,” proceeded to inquire about the Muslim faith of Obama’s father, suggesting that Obama himself may be a Muslim.

“They focused on abortion, gay marriage, and then Franklin Graham tried to get Senator Obama saved,” said Rev. Eugene Rivers, an African-American pastor from Boston who attended the meeting. Rivers told the Religion News Service that Graham pointedly questioned Obama’s “father’s connections to Islam.” Obama reportedly said of his father, “The least of things he was was Islamic.

Stephen Strang, a right-wing Pentecostal, was among those invited to Obama’s meeting. He is the multimillionaire publisher of Charisma, an evangelical magazine, and a signatory of the World Evangelical Alliance statement urging evangelization of Jews. In naming him one of the twenty-five “most influential evangelicals in America,” Time called Strang “a Bush favorite ever since his homegrown Christian publishing house, Strang Communications, released The Faith of George W. Bush, the first spiritual biography of the President, in 2003.” “We didn’t write it to help Bush, but it no doubt helped elect him,” declares Strang. He is also a close associate of controversial End Times theology proponent Pastor John Hagee….

T.D. Jakes Church

T.D. Jakes Church

Obama also moved to convince T.D. Jakes to get the African-American fauxchristians on board.  From the article:

Besides Strang, Graham and Rivers, attendees at the meeting included conservative Christianity Today editor David Neff, Evangelical Lutheran Church President Mark Hanson, conservative legal scholar and Reagan Justice Department official Doug Kmiec — who has been denied communion for his support for Obama — and T.D. Jakes, the Dallas-based African-American Pentecostal mega-church pastor who has supplanted the black church’s traditional social justice teachings with “prosperity gospel” theology, preaching faith as the way to the promised land of wealth and status.

Billy and Franklin Graham

Billy and Franklin Graham

Another influential African-American prosperity gospel pastor, Kirbyjon Caldwell, attended the June 10 meeting with Obama…. Caldwell, a former bond dealer who founded the country’s largest Methodist congregation, the Houston-based Windsor Village, has been among George W. Bush’s most vocal and visible black backers. He introduced Bush at the 2000 Republican National Convention, delivered the benedictions at his 2001 and 2005 inaugural ceremonies and presided over the wedding ceremony of Jenna Bush. Bush has rewarded Caldwell’s good works by lavishing his missions with federal faith-based grants….

But almost as soon as Obama declared his campaign for the presidency, Caldwell broke from the GOP, delivering a roaring endorsement for the Democrat from Illinois, hailing him for his “character, confidence and courage.” …Just days after Obama delivered a speech criticizing homophobia in the black church, some gay bloggers revealed that Caldwell’s own Windsor Village church hosted a ministry that, according to its website, was “created to provide Christ centered instruction for those seeking freedom from homosexuality.”

Caldwell’s congregation scrubbed all mention of it from its website.

Mara Vanderslice has been called the “faith guru” by The Hill in Washington, DC. Her consulting firm, Common Good Strategies, recently formed a political action committee, the Matthew 25 Network, to advocate on Obama’s behalf. In the past, Vanderslice has advised her clients not only to downplay their support for abortion rights and gay rights but also never to use the phrase “separation of church and state.” Hired by Sen. John Kerry’s presidential campaign in 2004, she ultimately found herself sidelined.

J. Dobson Focus on the Family

J. Dobson Focus on the Family

James Dobson stepped up to say that Obama was dragging Biblical teaching through the mud. He didn’t like McCain, either.  Here’s a snippet.

Even Charles Colson, and Watergate burglar in chief, G. Gordon Liddy have gotten in on the gay hate act with their Prison Ministries.  Murphy at outed him on his issues.

Meanwhile, candidate McCain got busy flogging the chiristian imperium for votes.

Washington Post/ABC News poll taken in June is any indication, McCain has cause for confidence; he trounced Obama among white evangelical voters by a margin of 68 to 22 percent. But there remains a question of turnout for McCain .

Of course, we know now that the Christian turnout for McCain was unusually tepid and Obama was able to make great and continuing inroads into the religious community.  The question is, how far can he go in that direction before he’s of no further use to the other constituencies that elected him?

“McCain won’t have any trouble convincing evangelicals he’s on their side,” Warren Smith, the editor of Evangelical Press News Service, says. “The only reason they’re holding back their support is to see how much they can get out of him.”

We know how it turned out.  Obama must have been a better sugar daddy.

Obama and States’ Rights-Marriage

January 24, 2009

States’ Rights. What are they? Constitutional Amendment X defines them as: “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” In our country, so divided by the issues of slavery and race, these words have been heavily freighted with history.

Back in the day, not so long ago, those words, uttered in the wrong company, were enough to start a bar fight. Those two words, spoken by a Lester Maddox or Bull Connor, were the equivalent of a codified rebel yell signifying a resistance to Federal dominance over state power and all that went with it: voting rights for African Americans, civil rights, secularism, public school integration. President Ronald Reagan made hay out of those words, condemning Big Government and taxation with a sub-textual message of lazy, black welfare queens living off the dole. Ronald Reagan, with his promise to keep hands off the the traditions and internal workings of the South, converted a reluctantly Democratic region into an enthusiastic and pivotal Republican stronghold. For African-Americans states’ rights meant no rights. It was the power of the federal government to broadly enforce equal accommodation, ensure voter rights and reject the concept of “separate but equal” that began the slow erosion of racial discrimination. See here.

Now it’s the Democrats’ chance to take a turn at bat creating a permanent majority party. And well, the states’ rights issue is back, but with a twist. This time it’s about marriage. The issue of marriage, who may and may not marry, was explicitly a state matter until the 1967 legal challenge of Loving v. Virginia. In this case, the nation’s interest in equal protection to marry triumphed over a State’s interest in upholding community or traditional views surrounding the marriage contract.

The Defense of Marriage Act, passed by a Republican congress and signed in 1996 by Bill Clinton usurped state authority again, this time permitting anti- gay marriage states to ignore legal gay marriages in other states, a clear reversal under the Loving v. Virginia rule. Presidential candidate Obama, self-described “fierce defender” of equal rights for gays, himself defined marriage as between one man and one woman and went a step farther with Rick Warren at Saddleback declaring, that for him, “God is in the mix”‘. Notwithstanding the vague and pandering nature of the comment, if “God is in the mix” then gay marriage is transformed from a secular, civil rights/equal rights issue into a moral one, determined by a majority of Christian “believers”. That’s exactly where Obama, the Democratic Party and many evangelicals want to keep it. If gay rights are not civil rights the states can deal with them as they choose, mostly in an uncivil manner, without the struggle over personal liberties and “lifestyles” which are the bugaboo of national presidential politics.

Many African-Americans would prefer that LGBT rights were de-coupled from the civil rights struggle. Many find gays tagging along under “their” banner on the continuum to equality to be “insulting”. Why? because, they say they believe being gay is a “choice”, not an immutable condition, and if they are fundamentalist Christians, which the majority are, an immoral choice. Yes, marriage is a choice but hey, so is practicing any of the multitude of religions in the country. And we all know choosing the wrong religion historically was, and in some places still is, a risky and punishable choice.
President Obama is pandering to this nonsense to win the humanity-challenged hearts of the religious right.
Before 1967 most white voters in the states upholding miscegenation laws would have argued that marriage is a choice and so is selecting the marriage partner. Anyone deciding to chance wedlock with a person of a different race, understood the risks and consequences, and deserved them. Many would have argued, too, that it was an immoral choice, based upon their interpretation of the Bible.
What many African-Americans and other evangelicals forget is that freedom to love whom one will and receive the same rewards and benefits of the loving legal contract is what America is all about. It’s equality stupid.

Obama’s “Friend” Rick Warren Plays with AIDS-HIV Fire

January 9, 2009

For all of you “progressive” Obama apologists and LGBT Obama enthusiasts, below is an article by Max Blumenthal, writing yesterday from The Daily Beast, about  conservative Saddleback Pastor Rick Warren. The pastor the President-Elect has selected to deliver a prayer at the presidential inaugural on January 20th is  far worse than some of us ever guessed.  Before you read it, here is a snapshot:

President-Elect Barak Obama has referred to Pastor Warren’s work combating AIDS-HIV in Africa as a stellar accomplishment uniting the two powerful men in Warren’s “purpose driven” causes. Few details surrounding Warren’s AIDS outreach have been disclosed by the MSM but the information revealed in Mr. Blumenthal’s coverage are eye-opening. Mr. Warren is described as promoting an all-abstinence campaign with the help of Ugandan officials which was funded with earmarks from the Republican controlled congress to the tune of $200 million. The burning of condoms and the all-abstinence campaign have actually RAISED the AIDS-HIV rate, especially among women.

As part of the Christian anti-AIDS-HIV campaign, gay activists had their pictures and home addresses published on the internet and many were forced into hiding. There is much more to be disgusted and shocked about in this story.

Pastor Warren has described himself as “not homophopic”, sufficiently gay-friendly to have the sodomites and lezzies over to his house to eat a fattening meal. Melissa Etheridge, well-known lesbian recording artist, swallowed this Obama-Warren hockum and spewed it back out for consumption in the LGBT community. She was rightly criticized for her astonishingly naive, Kool-Aide inspired shout-out on Warren’s behalf. The LGBT community has raised concerns about Obama’s Rick Warren pick, but so far NOTHING much in the way of protest has come from the women’s activist community. Nothing, nada in protest has come from Nancy Pelosi, part of the Obama inaugural committee, Speaker of the House of Representatives and congresswoman from California’s 8th district, with one of the largest gay constituencies in the nation.