What Does Israel Want?

“Lord, make me chaste, but not now”.  St. Augustine said that and the saying could be paraphrased to fit the goals of the State of Israel.  Yes, Israel wants peace.  But not now. Right now Israel wants land and resources. No land for peace.  Just peace for peace.

Biology is destiny and so is geography.  One need only look at a map to conclude that the tiny nation of Israel must consume its neighbors territory: within greater Israel, all Palestinian territory except for a few symbolic, ineffectual dots buried within Israeli settlements.  The next best thing after expulsion of the Palestinian population must be internal exile within a walled prison camp where suffering people are blamed for their own suffering.  I think we can fairly call Gaza Israel’s Warsaw Ghetto II.

Where does Israel go from there?

Israel Topo map

Israel needs land, arable land, energy resources, water supplies. And finally, silence from Palestinians  as they are ethnically cleansed from the region; silence from its regional neighbors as it goes about its business of taking what it wants.  A brief overview:

Water. Israel receives 15% of its water supply from the captured Syrian Golan Heights, headwaters of the Jordan River.  Most of this water goes to Israelis.  Israel also occupies most areas that possess aquifers.

Arguably 50% or more of the water that Israel uses is unilaterally appropriated from water that should fairly go to its Arab neighbors. Even the New York Times used the word “theft” when quoting an “Arab” in connection with Israel’s appropriation of regional water resources.

Most Palestinians receive only a tiny portion of available water, Gaza’s water deficit exceeds WHO minimum requirements.Israel also makes claims on water supplies passing through Lebanon.  It indignantly threatens Lebanon for diverting water flowing to Israel but does not follow the rule with Palestinians.

Arable land. Israel has a lack of arable land. More than half of the country is desert (Negev and Judaen). Although Israel is apparently currently self-sufficient in agriculture except for imported grains and beef, it exports fruits and vegetables.  Much (up to 30% )of Palestinian land is employed as a military buffer zone. Orchards and farms have been ground up for the concrete walls that surround Palestinian settlements.  Israeli settlers routinely confiscate Arab land for further settlement development.

Fossil Fuels.  Israel has has insignificant supplies of oil.  Oil is imported under long term contract with various African countries, Mexico, etc.  At the beginning of the Iraq invasion Israel suggested diversion of Iraqi oil from Kirkuk to Haifa and thence through a pipeline to Europe.

The (Israel)Prime Minister’s Office, which views the pipeline to Haifa as a “bonus” the U.S. could give to Israel in return for its unequivocal support for the American-led campaign in Iraq, had asked the Americans for the official telegram.

I must say this burns my toast.  The U.S. taxpayers have spent $ trillions crushing Iraq based on faked Israel-Bush WMD intelligence just to create a joint venture that sends the proceeds to Israel?  Unthinkable!!  What a con on the American public!!! What a cynical con, period!!!!

Natural gas imports have mainly come from Egypt although a large reserve of NG has been discovered off the coast of Israel and Gaza. Needless to say, Gaza and the Palestinians will not be able to benefit by this find.

Other Power Sources.

Israel has solar and hydroelectric power.  It imports coal supplies for electricity generation.

Powerful nations need resources.  They need to support huge military establishments.  If they can’t get resources through cooperation or purchase, they usually obtain them the old fashioned way, through colonization and force of arms.  So, join the imperialist club,” helpless” Israel.

(Below, Israeli settlement)

Israeli settlement in occupied territory Israeli “settlers” are going to live first world lives within a second or third world region. They’re not going to want to live like Bedouins.  They want, and believe they deserve, to live like Europeans or Americans with lawns, swimming pools, (built with American taxpayer funds) schools, universities, and a wage scale that precludes many Israelis from working at the nation’s “dirty” jobs.  For that they import tens of thousands of foreigners (not Palestinians).

The question in my mind is when will Israel declare its borders? When will it stop occupying “buffer zones” and expanding settlements.  I doubt that it will stop expanding until it creates the Biblical “greater Israel”.  Beyond that it will expand and militarily demolish any country in the region that threatens, not its destruction (as that seems impossible with Israel’s vast military superiority and U.S. political commitment), but its economic hegemony.

Israel will continue to absorb territory and wage war until it gets what it wants.  What will it want then?


One Response to What Does Israel Want?

  1. kdmirza64 says:

    Augustine,was the piece of shit,confiscating is the biggest crime,not letting in any foods,medicine,s,hospital equipments,peple needs these things,you people come from no were and saying and making fucking comments that this place belong to us,now this area and the country does,nt belong to you in any way.you people came from when THE GREAT HITLER kick your asses,europe,poland,and some area,s of russia.you people came from these country,now pelestine never belongs to you and stop making and saying that this area belong to us,if you go back 50 years and if you see the history,the history says that pelestinian land belongs to all Arabs and pelestinian,not to your kind of a people,s.now take golan hights,that area belongs to syria not to you,you confiscated by the force and confiscating like a terrorism.stop creating shit,grown up,tommorow you will say that PAKISTAN belongs to us,now what do you think if you try to confiscate PAKISTAN,try it sweet heart.

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