Obama Signals Turkey

April 6, 2009

America’s new boy king, Barack Obama, has brought his charm offensive to Turkey.  Wasn’t it just a few days ago that  he was posing for cameras at the G20 and offering half-baked ideas about rogue capitalism and stimulus packages, European cooperation and more NATO  troops for Afghanistan?   Later, to a swooning crowd, he offered a John Lennonish imagining about a nuclear free world.  Only not yet, he hastened to add.  That’s a lot on a plate for a boy king.

Before his detractors could scratch their groins and mumble WTF???? And even before his devoted followers could murmur “where in the world is Carmen San Diego? the boy king popped up on the red carpet in Ankara.  With great fanfare, and many more photo-ops he rejoiced that, unlike his first magical mystery tour  to Pakistan in 1981, he could  he could enter an Islamic country with an American passport.

Turkey and its neighbors

Turkey and its neighbors

It’s easy to see why, like Bush before him, Obama is currying favor with the Turks.  The military and the oil men want him to.  Israel wants him to.  And why shouldn’t he smooth over the rift Bush opened with his disingenuous and poorly managed attack on Iraq?  There is still much to be gained in a Turkish deal:  NATO airbases for an attack on Iraq or Afghanistan or western Pakistan, the re-supply of our permanent troop support to protect the pipeline, and water, the watershed of the Tigris and Euphrates as it flows downstream from Turkey and through Iraq and Syria.  Perhaps a new water deal with thirsty Israel will be possible.

Turkey can be an interlocutor among Egypt, Hamas, Syria, Israel, Palestine.  Then, there’s pesky Iran.  Operation pincher.  Iran between the nutcrackers of Iraq, Turkey, Afghanistan.  How long will it be before someone insists there, too, are weapons of mass destruction.

What does King Obama offer Turkey in exchange for her delights?  Entry into the European Union.  Obama has offered Turkey, in his churlishly arrogant way, Europe’s hand in marriage; whether the Europeans like it or not.  Europe has strongly intimated that it does not want a shotgun marriage.  Turkey is not Western enough and certainly not Christian.  Being tacitly secular, for a former Islamic state, is not enough.  Europe is full to the gills with undigested Muslims.  Why doesn’t Obama offer the Turks American citizenship?

One other pesky problem:  the Armenian genocide, which the Turks deny and the Armenians and the rest of the world avow.  During the campaign for the presidency, Obama’s website stated the the Armenian genocide was an “admitted fact”.  A House resolution is slated, yet again, to deal with the question of the massacres that cost 1.5 million Armenian lives during WWI. But it is currently being reported that “no one can predict” what the little king’s expedient stance will be now that he as been elected.

We all know how pretty little Obama can change his mind on matters that he used to be certain about.  He can keep mighty quiet about things like genocide-recall Indonesia 1965-1968 and East Timor 1975-1999.


Will There Be Enough Buses for Obama?

February 13, 2009

I give up. My only question now about Obama is are enough buses for all the voters Obama will throw under them? His disingenuous use ’em and lose ’em routine is so, soooo tired.

He started his under-the-bus routine early in his career, keeping incumbent Alice Palmer off the ballot by challenging her every ballot petitioner so he could run unopposed.The story is here if any of his starry eyed followers care to remember. Since then, of course, Obama is all about making sure every vote counts-when it counts for him-funding Acorn to sign up every crack addict and cartoon character capable of boarding a bus to the polls.

Then, Let’s see, hmmmmmm. Backtrack Barack changed his mind on:
Reverend Jeremiah Wright in a “Lincolnesque” and graceful toss under the wheels
NAFTA-didn’t mean what he said
Gun control
Gay marriage
Separation of church and state
Campaign Finance Reform
His position against “state secrets” as applied to tortured detainees
A clear policy repudiating Bushes’ signing statements which undermined the separation of governmental powers and drastically increased the power of the executive branch
The death penalty
The Fair Pay Act-setting standards for equal pay for women

In his zeal to present a picture of bi-partisanship on HR 1 with Republicans he has failed to oppose:
The elimination contraception and family planning funding for poor women
A severe cut in funding for work rehabilitation for the blind
Huge cuts in funding for
* State stabilization fund, cut by $39.78 billion
* Title I, cut by $6.5 billion
* Special education/IDEA, cut by $6.75 billion
* Head Start, cut by $1 billion
Prevention and wellness funding for diabetes, HIV/AIDS and STDs. No surprise on HIV/AIDs since Obama praised Rick Warren’s AIDS Africa outreach which helped demonize gay activists and activated an abstinence only program that actually increased AIDs cases, especially among women. Even if he is a total homophobe, which I suspect he is, wouldn’t he fight for funding for the health issues that strike the African-American community so disproportionately, AIDS and Diabetes?

I’m sure there are plenty of other examples I can’t recall. Oh yeah. Obama was going to pay Hillary’s campaign debt if she gave him her donor list and campaigned for him. And um, that didn’t happen, the debt payment, that is.

I suppose Obama doesn’t really give a hoot about the people who gave him their money and worked so hard to elect him, even the ones who still dream of the GQ president on long winter nights. If they thought they heard him make a promise he’ll inform them they were mistaken. No, that’s wrong, according to spokesbots from the Obamanation. He’s the worlds smartest and most arcane thinker, dreaming up convoluted tricks with which to snare his enemies. NOT!

See ya under the bus Obots.